The Alpha’s Mate

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Piper Anders loses her mother when she was little, but she loses everything and everyone she's ever known when she's sixteen. These unfortunate events lead her straight to Matthew Stanley. Matt is the alpha of Crescent Moon Pack who is on a run when he meets Piper and he will do anything in his power to protect her. A/N I'm not the best at writing summary's so please give the story a chance

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"Happy birthday to you." I hear my mommy sing as she sits down beside me to wake me up. I pretend to still be asleep as she finishes. "Happy birthday to Piper! Happy birthday to you." She finishes singing as she tickles me.

"Mommy!" I yell while I'm laughing.

"Mommy! Stop it!" She doesn't.

"Daddy!" I laugh out for help as she continues to attack me with her fingers.

Daddy stands by the door, and mommy stops to look at him as he walks into the room. "Oh, look at my little baby girl! Oh, I love you so much!" Daddy says as he picks me up out of my bed and spins me around with him.

"Daddy, I'm not little! I'm a big girl now!" I tell him as he stops spinning.

He carries me out of my room, mommy follows behind him making silly faces at me the whole time as we walk into the kitchen.

He sets me down on the island and mommy goes to the pantry to get stuff out to cook.

"You will always be my little girl no matter how old you get." He says as he gives me a kiss on the cheek.

"How many pancakes do you want, honey?" Mommy asks while turning to look at me.

"I want six because I am six!" I say excitedly I love pancakes.

"How about three and I'll let you pour as much syrup on as you would like." She says which sounds even better than six pancakes anyway, I can hardly eat three as it is.

"Okie dokie!" I say as I watch her pouring the batter into the pan.

I watch her flip them and put them on a plate next to her. Daddy moves me so I'm in the stool that is attached to the floor in front of the island. Mommy then places the stack of pancakes in front of me along with the syrup and whip cream. I stand up in the stool and daddy immediately stands behind me so if I lose balance I don't fall I grab the syrup, pop the top off, turn it upside down I stick my tongue out and squeeze the bottle.

"Hon, I think that's enough." Mommy says eyeing the syrup that's about to overflow on my plate I hold it until it's right at the edge before I set it back down on the countertop. "Whip cream." I say as I stare at my masterpiece with my hand out waiting to be handed the can of whip cream.

Mommy puts the can in my hand and I push on the tip and until the can is empty and there is a mountain of sugar on my plate. Daddy helps me sit back down and I realize everything on my plate now makes it huge that I can't even see mommy anymore all I see is a pile of yummy sugar and pancakes.

"I think you made sugar soup." Daddy says as he cuts them into bite-size pieces for me. I just stare at it ready to eat this sugary breakfast before me. He hands me the fork when he's done cutting, mommy quickly puts my long red hair into a bun on top of my head so I don't get it into the syrup and I dig in.

You know when you think something is going to turn out so good, but it ends up being too much. Yep that's what is happening to me, I get about five bites in and then I'm done.

Mommy and daddy just laugh and take the plate away. They are probably glad I didn't eat a lot of it because I would be off the walls.

"What do you want to do today?" Mommy asks while washing my plate.

"I want ice cream!" I yell, bouncing up and down.

"How about we open gifts, eat and then we will get ice cream?" She asks and I just bounce up and down excitedly. I love presents.

Mommy picks me up and takes me to my room. She always gets me a new dress for my birthday this year. It's blue with long sleeves. It goes down to my knees and at the bottom it has ruffles it's so pretty. She helps me put it on. She also puts white boot socks on me that have ruffles on the top of them so it pokes out from them and then she finishes the outfit with a dark brown ankle boot that has laces that go through them so she has to double knot them for me.

She then picks me up and goes to her and daddy's room into their bathroom and she has me sit in her makeup chair in front of a big mirror with lights. She flips the switch so the lights come on and I have to shield my eyes. She pulls out her curling iron and plugs it in. She grabs her hair brush from the drawer next to her and she takes the bun out of my hair that she put in earlier. She brushes out my hair, getting all the tangles out. This is my favorite. I love it when mommy brushes my hair. Once she's done, she grabs the curling iron and curls the ends so there are little ringlets that fall down my back. She then twists my bangs out of my face and off to the side where she clips in a purple bow to hold them in place.

"All done baby. Go look in the mirror." Mommy says while putting everything away.

I jump up out of the chair and run to the bathroom door where the full length mirror is and stand in front of it.

I look so pretty. My red hair goes down to my waist and it looks so soft, my blue eyes stand out even more because of the blue dress. I do a little spin and my dress poofs up just a little bit.

"Thank you, Mommy! I'm so pretty!" I thank her. She comes and stands behind me and puts her hands on my shoulders. "Honey, you're always pretty." She says as she smiles at me in the mirror.

Mommy has blonde hair that goes down a little past her boobies in beach waves. Her eyes are also the same exact shade of blue as mine. While Daddy has dark hair and light eyes.

"Let's go show your Daddy your new dress." She says as she lightly nudges me out of the bathroom. I nod and take off out of their room and down the hall.

"Daddy!" I yell as I run through the kitchen and into the living room where there are people starting to gather.

Daddy comes over to me and kneels down so he's my height. "You look so beautiful, just like your mother." He says and he then picks me up. Daddy always says I get my looks from mommy.

He walks me around the room and I see Grandma Lisa and Grandpa George. They're Daddy's parents, they were the former Alpha and Luna until my Daddy took over. Then I see my Aunt Claire. She's daddy's little sister. I also see Uncle Peter he's daddy's best friend, he's Beta and Aunt Claire's mate.

He makes his way over to them. "Awe you look so precious." Grandma Lisa says and I blush. "How old are you now? Sixteen?" Grandpa George jokes, I shake my head "No I'm six!" I tell him holding up six fingers.

Soon everyone is gathered into the living room and mommy and daddy sit beside me as I open presents. I scream thank you to everyone as soon as I open one.

After I'm done mommy and daddy thank everyone for coming and welcomes everyone to start eating.

Mommy gets me two slices of pepperoni pizza and a Dr.Pepper and she sits by me while daddy goes and talks to people.

After a while everyone leaves and now it is the moment I've been waiting for all day. Ice Cream. I run over to mommy she's trying to get everything cleaned up and daddy is helping her.

"Mommy! Daddy! Let's go get ice cream!" I yell as I start heading outside.

"Okay baby." Daddy says as he stops but mommy keeps going.

"Mommy! Come on!" I tell her and daddy picks me up and heads outside.

He straps me into my car seat. Mommy walks out of the house with her purse and gets in the passenger seat in front of me. Daddy gets into the driver's seat and we are off.

Mommy and daddy are having a conversation up front and I'm singing along to the radio. The song If I Die Young by The Band Perry is what is playing.

The light turned green as soon as we got up to it. I turned my head to look out my window only to notice there was a truck that didn't look like it was slowing down any in fact it looked like it was just speeding up.

"Daddy!" I yell. "LOOK!" I scream as the truck rams into us, sending us rolling. I got jerked around and the window shattered, hitting me in the face. I heard Daddy scream and then I blacked out.

Three Days Later

Beep..... Beep..... Beep.....

I wake up to an annoying beeping. I groan as I slowly open my eyes, only to close them again due to the brightness.

I feel someone get up quickly and they walk away only to come rushing back over to me. "You can open your eyes now Piper, the lights aren't bright anymore." Daddy says as he moves my hair out of my face.

I open my eyes to realize that I'm not in my room. My room is colorful. This room is just white.

"Daddy?" I croak out my throat hurts to talk.

"Here baby." Daddy holds a cup with a straw, and I drink all the liquid inside. My throat feels better now.

"Daddy?" I tried again. "Where am I?"

"You're in the hospital, honey." He states and I look over at him, he looks exhausted like he hasn't slept in days.

"Why what happened?" I ask, I look around the room and notice mommy isn't here. "Where is mommy?" He flinches at the last question and looks as if he looks as if he wants to cry but is trying not to. He grabs my hand and sits on the bed with me.

"We were in an accident, baby." He says. I look him over to see that he only has a couple of bruises but he heals quickly, anyway.

"Is everyone ok? Is mommy okay?" I asked him. He looks away from me, and he wipes his face.

"No baby not everyone is okay." He takes a deep shaky breath. "Baby your mom." He stops, he looks like he's struggling to even talk. "Your mom, she's gone." He barely gets out.

"Mommy's gone? Like gone out somewhere?" I'm not understanding what he's saying, but he wipes his face again and it clicks. My bottom lip wobbles. "You don't mean gone gone? Do you?" I ask already knowing the answer, my eyes wail up with tears. He nods his head bringing me into a tight hug as I bawl my eyes out mourning my mommy.

My heart is breaking and I can't even imagine what my daddy is going through. She was his other half. His mate.

"Daddy." I say after a while.

"Yes baby?" He pulls back and looks at me.

"Promise me you won't ever leave me." He pulls me back into a hug. "I won't leave you, never." He says and let's go, his eyes glaze over and soon the doctor appears to check on me.

Two Days Later

Today I got to come home from the hospital. It was a quiet and long car ride we didn't say a word we were missing someone impressed and it just didn't feel right to say anything.

When we got home daddy came and helped me out of my new car seat and carried me inside. I don't heal quickly just a little faster than a human but not by a lot since I'm just a kid and haven't connected with my wolf's side yet.

He sets me on the couch and he leaves the room.

He comes back soon with a box and mom's favorite jacket. It was dark grey and thin, but not too thin. He handed it to me and held it up to smell it. It smelled just like her. Oh, I miss her so much. Daddy turns on the TV and puts in a tape.

"Baby these are home videos. If you ever need to see her and hear her you can watch these. They will be in here from now on." He said as he places the videos under the TV.

Me and daddy spend the whole day watching the videos.

Eventually it was time to go to bed, and daddy tucked me into my bed. He read me a story, something mommy would do for me every night, and he kissed me on the forehead before he walked out of the room.

I can't help the tears that start up as soon as he leaves the room. I miss mommy, and I can't help but feel like it's my fault if only I hadn't made them get ice cream in that moment she would have still been here. It's my fault.

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