The Alpha’s Mate

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Chapter One

Ten Years Later

"Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you." That's the first thing I heard this morning. I look around the room to find the source but no one is there, and the song keeps going and I realize it's from my phone.

I looked at it to notice my alarm was set at eight o'clock. Who set my alarm? And why does it have to be that song?

I hate my birthday. I hate even celebrating it. All it is is a marker of another year gone without her, my mother.

The first couple of year's dad would go all out. He would wake me up every morning by singing the birthday song and he would throw me a big party, it's his way of keeping his mind busy so he doesn't think about mom. I eventually told him to stop waking me up like that because it was mom's thing. So instead of that we agreed that he makes pancakes for me, he even put on home videos so we could hear mom's voice and see her.

I get up out of bed slowly, I honestly just want to stay in bed and not leave. I still blame myself for that day. I leave my room and head to the kitchen to find dad cooking pancakes.

He looks over his shoulder when he hears me enter and he gives me a smile, I walk over to him and give him a hug and he kisses my forehead. "Happy birthday baby." He whispers, and I don't reply, I just hug him tight before I let go.

"How many pancakes do you want?" He asks, turning to look at me as I take a seat on the bar stool in front of the island. "Let me guess sixteen because you turn sixteen!" He answers before I can. I give him a chuckle he's trying to lighten the mood. I smile at him and shake my head "Three. Please." I answer and he turns around and puts three on the plate, he hands me syrup and whip cream and I put on a normal amount of both.

As I'm eating Aunt Claire walks into the kitchen. "Happy birthday!" She says as she kisses my cheek and sits down beside me.

"Are you excited you get to shift tonight!" I stopped eating. I completely forgot about that. I'll shift at midnight when the moon is at its highest. I lost my appetite because of nerves, so I pushed my plate away from me.

I excuse myself from the kitchen and head to my room. I walked in and noticed a dress laid out on my bed. Aunt Claire must have put it there when she came in. I walk closer to my bed and pick it up. Its light sky blue and floor length. I notice it has a slit that goes up to my thigh, and a crystal belt attached to the waist. The top is off the shoulders and the material is thin that makes ruffles that go around to the back of the dress so it looks like it has short sleeves.

I take it off the hanger and put it on, as I'm putting my arms through the holes I hear a knock on my door.

"It's Claire!" She yells as she opens the door she walks in closing the door back and looks at me.

"You look so pretty." She says as she walks over to me to zip up the back. I look in my floor-length mirror that's leaning against my bedroom wall. The dress is beautiful, and it fits me perfectly.

"Thanks but that's because you picked out a beautiful dress." I say while walking into my bathroom and I pull out my hair brush, curling iron, and my makeup. I set them on the counter. I flip on the lights above the mirror and I plug in the curling iron and turn it on. I sit down in the chair in front of the mirror and take out my bun I slept in, I brush my hair when Aunt Claire walks in and takes over.

She braids the front a little behind where my bangs would be. She leaves my bangs down, and she curls them a little so they frame my face more. And then she puts the rest of my hair into a low side bun where the braid wraps into it, she then sprays it with hairspray to make it stay.

She does my makeup next, she begins with putting foundation on me and then eye shadow she uses a light rose gold shimmery color in the inner of my eyelid, then she uses darker brown on the outer side so it goes out in a point and then a shimmery tan brown in the middle. She repeats to the other side, then she puts on eyeliner and mascara. She then out lines my lips with a dusty pink color and then uses the same color lipstick to fill in. And lastly she puts on a light pink blush. She sprays it with setting spray.

"All done! You look stunning!" I look in the mirror, and I look amazing.

"Thank you!" I say giving her a hug, and we go back to my room. I put on a pair of silver colored high heels and we walked out of the room and went to the living room.

Dad was sitting on the couch on his phone. He looked up when he heard us enter the room.

"Honey, you look so beautiful." He says as he stands up and kisses me on my forehead. I thank him, and we head out of the house.

We pile up in the car and head to an open field in the forest, a couple miles from the house. There is a headstone right in the middle of the field, right where the sun rays hit just perfectly. We visit mom every year on my birthday and I always dress up to come visit her because she's my mom and I want her to see me all dressed up for all occasions even though she can't see me or maybe she can. I don't know.

We walk over to her gravesite.

Emily Ray Anders


Luna, Mother, Mate

I set roses in front of the stone. Dad told me they were her favorite flowers.

"Hey mom! I have so much to tell you. So today is my birthday, which I'm sure you already know. I'm so excited I'm finally sixteen! Can you believe that? I'm sixteen! Also, I get to shift tonight for the first time, but the thing I'm looking forward to the most is meeting my mate. I just wonder what he will look like, his likes and dislikes, his personality, I just want to know who he is. I hope and I'm sure he is sweet, loving and caring. Although what I want most is to have you here with me and dad again. I want to see you in real time, not in pictures or videos, I want a hug and to talk to you and for you to talk back. I miss your mom. I'm so sorry I wanted to go out that day, we should have just stayed home, it's my fault you're not here and I know that. It's my fault dad is as happy as he once was. I'm so sorry!" I cry to her.

"Honey it's not your fault she's not here. I'm happy honey, I am because you're part of her and I see her every time I look at you." Dad says as he pulls me into a tight hug, but he stiffens and he pulls away. His eyes glaze over. He's mind-linking someone. I look over at Aunt Claire, and she's looking around frightened. I look around as well but since I haven't shifted, I can't sense things like they do, but whatever it is it's not good.

"Dad what's wrong?" I ask as his eyes clear up. Aunt Claire takes off back towards the house, but a wolf jumps out and starts chasing her.

Dad watches as his sister gets chased by the rogue. He turns back to me.

"Baby, I want you to run in the forest and run as fast as you can. Don't look back, just keep running. Honey, know that I love you so much. Now go!" He rushes to tell me as he shifts into his wolf and jumps on the wolf was about to jump on my aunt, but another one comes out.

I pick up my dress and start running as fast as I can in heels. I can somewhat run fast, but not faster than a wolf.

When I think I made enough ground, I do what dad told me not to and I look back. I don't see Aunt Claire. Maybe she got away. I do however see dad on the ground limp; he's shifted back into his human form on top of him there is a Grey wolf his mouth dripping with blood. I gasp and start crying for my dad. My dad is dead. I take a step and snap a twig the wolf turns and looks directly at me and snarls, showing his bloodied teeth. I pick up my dress, turn and run.

I hear him behind me ganging up on me, I look down at my shoes. I'd be able to run a little fast if I weren't in heels. I try to kick them off as I run and one comes off so I'm limping. My dress is ripping from getting caught on almost everything.

I hear him right behind me now. I'm soon brought to a sudden stop as he bites down at the end of my dress. I turn and pull at it, trying to make it rip out of his mouth. I hear the ripping sound bit, it's not doing anything. He let go to jump at me, but I moved and started running as soon as he let go. He just attacks the ground. I'm watching him, not paying any attention to what is in front of me when I realize I'm falling.

I was falling down a steep hill. I let out a scream as I tumbled down. I soon fall into a body of ice cold water. The current of the water is too strong, and I hear what sounds like a waterfall coming up. I try to grab at anything I could grab, but everything breaks off.

Soon it's too late. I let out another loud scream, and I fell down the waterfall. I go under as soon as I hit the water with my dress and the one high heel is making it hard. I kick off the other heel and I try to swim to the top but I can't. The waterfall has me trapped under it. I panic. I can't hold my breath much longer.

Water feels my lungs as my body betrays me and breaths in nothing but water. I give up. I'm drowning. I close my eyes, waiting for my fate. At least I'll be with mom and dad.

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