The Alpha’s Mate

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Chapter Two

Matthew's POV

I'm running, dirt on my paws and the cold wind in my fur. I'm helping with border patrol, we've been on high alert because of rumored rouge attacks.

I reach the west side of the territory and I pace around as I watch. There are always five wolves on patrol. One at each on the North, East, South and West side of our territory. The fifth one is backup In case one of us leaves our post he comes and watches it.

I hear a scream closer to the north side of the territory. I'll check it out, Kevin take over the westside. I mindlink other patrols, and I take off as I hear another scream.

I run quickly as a future Alpha. I need to know everything going on at all times, especially now that once I find my mate my father will pace down his title to me.

Soon I get to the pond and I immediately see someone under the clear water. I get the urge to run into the water and save them.

I run into the ice cold water and swim towards the shadow which is now floating up. I go under and I see red hair. Something doesn't feel right. I feel anxious. I swim closer to the person when I get close enough I reach out to grab them but as soon as I touch their skin I feel it. The sparks. The sparks everyone talks about. This is her. Why am I meeting her this way? I quickly snap out of my thoughts and grab her around her waist and swim up.

I take a deep breath once I'm out from under the water. I look over at her while I swim over to the grass. Her red hair is a wet mess, and her makeup is smeared all over her face. I realize she's not breathing, I can't really tell if she's losing color because of the makeup, but I can only imagine that she is deathly pale and has blue lips. I quickly pulled her onto the grass and lay her down. I began CPR. "Come on! Come on! You have to be okay! I just found you! You have to be ok!" I keep doing compressions until water pours out of her mouth, and she coughs, but she doesn't open her eyes. I calm down a little and notice she's shivering. I also noticed that she has on a nice dress that's all torn and now soaked and she doesn't have any shoes on.

Alice, I need you to meet me in my room ready. I found my mate, and she's not doing so well. I mind link the pack doctor. I picked her up in bridal style. I feel the sparks and I smile a little. "Please be okay." I whisper to her as I take off running as fast as I can to the pack house.

What should have taken me at least fifteen minutes to run in human form took me five. My wolf helped to push me along with my adrenaline kicking in. As soon as I set foot in the doorway, I head up to my room ignoring all the looks that my pack members are giving me.

I get to my room, and Alice is already there. I take her into the bathroom Alice follows behind me she grabs towels and starts the bath water. I look at Alice, not knowing what to do. "We need to take off her dress." She says and I get uncomfortable. I can't see her naked. Victoria, I need you in my room right now. I call upon my sister. She needs to help do this. I can't undress my mate as much as I would like to. I want her to be comfortable with me and I don't think she would appreciate me invading her privacy like that.

"I'm here!" Victoria says as she stares at my unconscious mate in my arms. "Is she?" She asks, and I nod.

"Yes she is. I need you to help Alice in here." I tell her, and she nods understanding. "Look at you being a good mate." She says as she takes my mate out of my arms and unzips her dress.

I turn and walk out of the bathroom. I go to my closet and get out a pair of my boxers, sweatpants and a long sleeve shirt. I knock on the door, and my sister opens it. "Here are some dry clothes for when she's out." I hand her my clothes. She nods and takes them, shutting the door.

I turn and sit on my bed. What happened to her? Is all I can wonder as I wait.

Victoria's POV

I can't believe my brother found his mate!

As soon as he left the room, me and Alice undressed her and placed the warm water to warm her up, since she was freezing. I take out her hair from the messy updo that was already falling down. I also pick out all the twigs and leaves as I go. I was her hair with Matt's shampoo and Alice was wiping her face clean of makeup. When Matt knocked on the door, I stopped what I'm doing and answered. He looks so worried about her as he hands me his clothes I shut the door and go back to rinse out the soap from her hair.

"What do you think happened?" I ask Alice as she throws away a makeup wipe and grabs another.

"I don't know." She says as she wipes the makeup wipe on the girl's face.

I make sure all traces of dirt are gone before we pull her out she's now back to a regular temperature. We dry her off and I wrap her hair in a towel as Alice dresses' her in Matt's clothes. I place another towel over her shoulders, and I blow dry her hair and brush it. Now that she cleaned up and we can see her face, she's pretty.

Once her hair is dried, we call Matt back in so he can carry her back into his room. He opens the door and immediately looks at her in awe as he picks her up and carries her to his room and places her on his bed.

"I'll leave you to it." I tell Alice. I turn to Matt, "Congratulations brother. If you need me, just let me know." I tell him as I walk out of the room.

Matthew's POV

Victoria calls me from the bathroom and I walk in and see my mate all clean and her hair is dried and brushed. She's so beautiful I can't wait til she wakes up and I can learn her name and see her eyes.

I pick her up and carry her to my bed. I pull back my comforter, lay her down and then I cover her up making sure she's comfortable. My sister leaves after she congratulated me and Alice comes over and looks over at my mate one last time.

"She will be fine, just keep her warm and she just needs her rest. Please notify me when she's up and I'll come back and check on her again." She says as she leaves the room.

I sit on the couch that I have in my room. I won't leave this room until she's a wake and I know she's okay.

I look at my phone, it's ten o'clock p.m. I sit on the couch and just watch her.

I must have fallen asleep because I hear a scream. It's her scream. I quickly jump up and look at her. I notice she's in the fetal position, she's shaking and she's sweating.

Alice, get up here! I yell in the mindlink I grab my mates hand she's in pain and I don't know what to do to help.

Alice is in my room in a matter of seconds. She takes one look at her, and she looks back at me.

"She's shifting." She says as a crack breaks the silence my mate screams, she forces her eyes to open and she looks at me. "Help me." She whispers with her teeth clenched together.

I quickly pick her up and she screams again, I get her outside and I set her on the ground. I can't do anything. Not for this she has to go through and I have to watch her as her bones break and rearrange.

Soon what feels like forever now her screaming stops and so does the cracking but only for a couple of seconds before she screams again and there is one last loud crack and then her scream turns into a howl.

Standing in her place is a white wolf with light grey spots here and there and bright blue eyes.

She shifts back immediately and she faints from exhaustion. I run to catch her before she falls.

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