The Alpha’s Mate

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Chapter Three

I slowly open my eyes. The last thing I remember is running and being in pain, but now I'm in bed. I look around the room, and my eyes fall on a couch. There is a large figure laying on it, and snores are coming from him.

I sniff the air and the scent of fresh grass on a rainy day. I sigh at the smell, instantly feeling safe in a strange place. I sit up and tiptoe over to the couch to get a better look at the man there laying there.

I get inches away from the stranger. He has dark hair and bushy eyebrows, his nose is straight and he has a dark stubble. He's so handsome I reach out to trace his face. I feel drawn to him as soon as my hand comes in contact with his skin I feel sparks. I gasp and pull my hand back. I look at it. Could it be? Is he my mate?

I look back up to see grey-blue eyes staring back into my blue ones. He sits up, and I just stay squatting on the ground in front of him.

"Hi." He breathes out. His voice is deep and husky.

"Hello." I greet him back with a smile. He smiles back, and he stands up and bends down and grabs my hands, helping me to my feet. He leads me back to the bed, and he places the covers back on me.

"What's your name?" He asks while taking a seat on the edge of the bed.

"Piper Anders. What's yours?" I ask him.

"Piper." He says my name and I melt my name rolls off his tongue like butter. "My name is Matthew Stanley." He answers, and then he pauses and looks in thought.

"Anders like Alpha Anders of the Lunar Pack?" He asks, and all the bad memories come back. My eyes tear up and I can't help but let out a cry. I cover my face so he doesn't see.

He takes my hands off my face, and he looks pained when he sees my tears. "What happened?" He asks, wiping my tears.

"There was an attack, and he told me to run. I looked back, and he was gone, a wolf above him with blood dripping from its teeth, I turned to run and he followed. He bit my dress and I ripped it loose. I fell back and landed in the water. I don't remember getting out." I cry out to him.

He looks mad, and he brings me into a hug I melt into him breathing him in.

"I have to go back." I tell him as I pull away from him and stand up.

"Not right now, it's dark out." He said standing up.

"How long was I out?" I ask, suddenly curious.

"Almost two days." He says and I shake my head.

"That's too long we have to go now." I said as I headed towards the door. "And I won't take no for an answer." I say as I walk out of the room and into a hallway.

"I'm going with you." He says as he grabs my hand and leads me outside. It's freezing out so I let go of his hand and hug myself tight.

"We need to shift, we'll be faster and warmer." He says and I look over at him.

"I haven't shifted yet." I tell him as I walk, he grabs my arm making me look at him.

"Yes, you have don't you remember you shifted the other night." He said looking concerned at the fact I don't remember.

"What? I shifted and didn't know about it?" I ask but mainly to myself.

"Your wolf is white with light grey spots and bright blue eyes. Just picture your wolf." He said and I do, I feel my bones break and it's painful but nothing I can't handle.

I'm warm, the cold no longer bothers me. I look at Matt and see a large black wolf. I walk over to him and rub into his side.

The wind blowing in my fur and my paws hitting the ground makes it feel amazing. I don't know how I've survived all those years without this feeling.

I let out a howl and I feel like I'm getting pushed back into my mind.

I'm Ellie, you wolf. A soft voice says. I halt and Matt stops, giving me a questionable gaze, but as he looks into my eyes, it's like he knows what's going on.

Let me take over, please. I've been waiting for this moment for so long. She says but I'm just trying to go back home and I don't want to be delayed any longer.

Don't worry, I'll go straight there. I won't stop until we get there, I want to see what happened there too. She says and I hesitate. I'll give you back control as soon as we get there. She adds and I nod in agreement to her deal, and I feel myself lose control of everything, all I can do is watch what happens and that's it.

I or she walks over to Matt and rubs into his side like a cat does when it's wanting attention. Don't compare me to a cat. She says and I stay silent as she takes off running.

What feels like forever I feel her giving me back control of my body, and I go behind a tree that I know has clothes near it and shift back. I throw on the oversized t-shirt, and I come out from behind the tree to find Matt already waiting for me with shorts on.

We walk into the clearing and the first thing I see is my dad. I immediately ran over to him, just laying there cold and stiff. I fall to my knees in front of him and cry, he's got dried up blood and his gashes aren't healed, he's pale and his lips are blue. I feel Matt grab me and pull me into his arms as I cry. I was hoping this was all a nightmare, but seeing my dad like that makes me fear seeing what else happened.

I pull away from him, and I walk away from him and my deceased father. I have to see what happened to my pack. My family.

I feel Matt behind me as we follow the path that leads to my home. I gasp as I see so many dead. I spot Aunt Claire's body and right beside her I see Uncle Peter. A sob escapes my lips. It's clear to see we lost this battle.

Matt reaches out and grabs my hand, trying to comfort me.

I head into the house I grew up in and I look around, the home video is still playing from that morning. I turn it off and take it out. I grab the box full of videos and put the disc away. I set the box on the couch that is completely misplaced.

I walk down a long hall that connects my home to the pack house. I walk into the big gathering room to see a happy birthday banner hanging up with balloons all on the ground from losing the helium in them. Food everywhere on the ground furniture moved and flipped. All the doors are open. I walk around for a moment hoping to find someone alive but come across no one.

I walk back into my house and go to the hallway that leads to my room. My door is wide open and everything is scattered around, my clothes are all over the floor my bed is messed up.

"I'm sorry." Matt says sadly behind me. "There has to be a survivor, they couldn't have killed everyone." I say and then I remember the secret door under my bed that leads to a tunnel underground that holds a safe room if anything like this were to happen.

I push my bed out of the way, and I pull back the carpet. Revealing the door, I open it and I walk down the steps. I walk down the dark tunnel, taking many turns until I get to a metal door. I try to push it open but it doesn't open. I knock, and there is no answer. Of course there wouldn't be. I wouldn't answer it either.

"Please open the door." I ask, and nothing happens. "Please, it's me, Piper." I say as I knock again, and I hear movement. I hear the lock click as it's being unlocked, and the door opens.

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