The Alpha’s Mate

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Chapter Four

The door slowly opens and I see a lot of women, children, and teens that haven't shifted yet. A lot of them are crying and a lot of them have brave faces.

"What happened Female Beta Claire said that she would come back for us when it was over. Is it over?" A woman asks as she looks like she's been crying. She has a little baby in her arms, a small boy and a teenage boy who is hugging her close. Those must be her kids. I nod in response.

"Well, what's going on up there?" A teenage boy asks, he has his arms crossed and is leaning on the wall.

"It's not good up there. As most of you have suspected we lost this time, and we lost many people. My dad, your Alpha, Beta Peter and Beta Claire and many others. We can't stay here we must leave, I don't know where we will go but as long as we stay together as a pack and a family we will be okay." I told them I wanted to say we could all go with Matt but I didn't want to just guess that he would be okay with that there were a lot of kids in here and a lot of women.

"You all can come back and stay in my pack. We will just combine your pack with my pack." Matt blurted to everyone.

"Who are you?" A woman's voice asked, but I don't know who it was.

"I'm the soon to be Alpha of the Crescent Moon pack. My name is Matthew Stanley." He said with pride.

"I need everyone to go upstairs and pack up their things, we won't be coming back here. I need a few people to go to the garage and load up all the cars were driving back. We leave in two hours and also don't look outside. It's not a pretty sight." I tell them and they all scatter to go pack. I turn back and look at Matt.

"Thank you for letting them stay with your pack. You didn't have to do that." I say to him, and he looks at me with a confused look.

"Of course I had to. You're my mate and that means what's yours is mine and what's mine is yours. It only makes sense for them to join my pack." He says it was the first time that he had mentioned that we were mates and my heart flutters. "Also it would make you happy to have your pack with you and I want nothing more than to make you happy." I give him a smile and I grab his hand and walk back to my room.

I grab a suitcase and pack up my clothes, my toiletries, I grab mom's favorite jacket and I grab dad's favorite blanket. I grab all the pictures I could find and put them with the home videos. Matt grabs the boxes and loads them up in the cars. I take my suitcase outside to find some teenage boys are loading up everything. As everyone is still getting their stuff together I shift and run to the clearing. I run over to mom's grave and dig a hole big enough to put dad in. I know he wanted to be next, to lay next to her when he went. I'm about to shift back into my human form when I hear running behind me I turn to look to see Matt standing behind me. "You can't run away and not let me know there was just an attack here." He scolds.

I nod in apology and I turn back around and walk over to my dad. "I'll get him." Matt said as he realizes what I'm doing I nod and he picks up dad.

He brings him over to the spot I dug up, and he lays him down. I kick the dirt over him and when I'm done, I just sit there with my head hung.

'I'm sorry mom and dad, this is all my fault. It's my fault you're both dead if we weren't distracted dad, we could have been prepared for the attack. You would still be here.' I think, and I whimper, tears welling up in my eyes. I feel sparks erupt as Matt soothingly rubs my back.

You know this isn't your fault, quit blaming it on yourself, you did nothing wrong. Ellie says as she sympathized with me.

I hear the cars signaling everyone is ready. I look back at the grave sites. 'Goodbye mom and dad, I will love and miss you always.' I think of them and I let out a sorrowful howl and I turn to see the cars coming down to the clearing. Matt goes over to the first car and gives them the address of his pack location and they drive off. There are a lot of cars, at least twenty.

Matt shifts and walks back to me his eyes glaze over as he mindlinks someone, probably his dad the Alpha letting him know that we were on our way back. He rubs his head into my neck, telling me it's time to go. I nod and I let Ellie have control.

She immediately rubs herself over Matt like she did the first time, which I don't quite understand. It's putting our scent on him so everyone knows he's ours, it also does the same for him, and his scent is now on us. She tells me, which now makes sense.

He takes off and we follow behind him. She gets bored with just running though and runs faster to catch up to him.

When she's side by side with him she nudges him cause if he looks over at us with a grin and shakes his head looking back in front of us as if telling her not right now. So she slows down a little, falling back behind him but still following closely.

Soon we arrive in front of their pack house and Matt's father is already outside waiting.

As the last car arrives, everyone piles out.

"Hello everyone!" He says in a loud, deep voice. "I'm sorry to hear what happened to you all, but you all now have a home here all I ask is that you come and meet with me so I can make you official members of Crescent Moon Pack." He says as he waits outside for everyone to talk to him.

Matt walks behind a tree and shifts, coming out wearing shorts. He throws me an oversized t-shirt and I go behind a tree and shift, putting on the shirt.

I walk over to him, and he grabs my hand. I look at him confused as we walk past his dad. "You'll become a part of the pack after the ceremony introducing you as Luna." He says and I nod understandingly.

We walk up to his room and I get a strong urge to kiss him but I don't. Kiss him now! Ellie says excitedly, but I don't. I can't just kiss him, I look at him as I sit down on his bed.

"Thank you for everything you did back there." I tell him as he sits beside me. I lean over to him and kiss his cheek. He blushes instantly, and he smiles. I meant on the lips. Kiss him on his lips. Ellie says frustrated with me.

"It's no problem." He says and I stand up, walking into his bathroom to take a shower. As he gets my things from the car.

When I finish my shower, I get out and wrap a soft towel around me and wrap it in my hair. I realize that I don't have clothes with me. I opened the door and peeked out into his room; I saw him on his bed.

"Matt!" I say loudly to get his attention, which it does. "I need clothes." I tell him and he nods he goes to his closet and gets some of his clothes which I'm glad for. I like his clothes anyway. He comes back and hands me a pair of boxers and a long sleeve cotton shirt. I quickly put it on, and I threw my damp hair into a bun.

I run out of the bathroom and jump on the bed, I move the covers to slide in and Matt gets up and heads over to the couch. "Please stay in bed with me tonight." I say and he turns back around with a smile on his face and he nods walking back to the bed he gets under the covers as well and I fall asleep on his chest.

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