The Elemental Wolves

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After most of the elemental pack was killed, elemental wolves are rare. Most elemental wolves are killed before they can fully developed their powers. Five normal teenage girls are pulled into a world where they are running for their life. The girls are sworn to protecting innocents, as elemental wolves, they can't use their powers. So to protect innocents, they must use their brains and their strength. They are the last of the elemental wolves, or as the rest of the world knows them, The Girls in Black. I own this book, this is my book. Please do not steal my book.

Fantasy / Action
Sadie Wolf
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Alpha Jax (Alpha of the Elemental Pack)

Fire, fire everywhere. It was spreading quickly, burning the pack house. A rogue pack. The fire was purple, meaning it was an elementalist that started it. I ran through the pack house, my sleeve covering my mouth and nose.

The smoke was slowly seeping into my lungs, and it burned. I couldn't see any of the pack members through the thick smoke. The purple flames licked up the walls of the pack house, quickly burning it. I coughed and reached for the door handle of the main door. The handle burned my hand when I touched it. Okay, so that wasn't gonna work.

I drew the strength from my elemental wolf. I shoved against the door, but it didn't open. I coughed, the smoke was getting into my lungs. I let pit a growl of frustration and called upon my element, wind. I used the force of it to blast the doors open. The gush of wind blasted the doors off their hinges, sending them flying onto the front of the pack lawn.

I growled with frustration. The wind element takes the most energy. I gasped, then went into a coughing fit. Stupid rogues! My coughing stopped long enough for me to take a deep breath of the fresh, outside air. The smoke stung my lungs and eyes.

I saw the survivors of my pack were fighting the rogue pack. I saw that less than half my pack were fighting. Meaning the rest were dead, crap. There was blood on the grass. Well, the grass that wasn't burned. Gusts of wind, purple flames, water, along with turned up earth. These rogues were strong, and they seemed to have elemental wolves amongst them.

Some of the rogues were fighting in human form, while the others fought in wolf form. So this was a werewolf rogue pack. And some were elementalist. Well crap. This complicates things. I growled loudly and everyone froze and looked at me. My pack memebers bowed their heads slightly in respect.

The rogue pack growled at me, and they all shifted into a crouch. I growled back, shifting into my black wolf. As an elemental alpha, I had power over two elements, I stead of just one. I let out a large growl, with it sending a large gust of cold wind.

The rogues were pushed back, some thrown off their feet by the force of the wind. I then swung out my front left paw. The ground split under the rogue's feet. Many fell into the ground where it was split, while others managed to clamber away before they fell in. One of the rogue elementalist three a jet of water at me, I blew it off course with a gust of wind.

I saw flashes of purple as my surviving pack memebers- most of the fire element- began to attack with more force thanks to their renewed hope. I saw as one of the packs water elementalist put out a rogues fire, directed at one of the surviving pack memebers. I gave her a nod of appreciation, she smiled proudly.

I could feel the heat from the fire that was quickly burning down the pack house. I saw as a rogue clambered out of the split earth and jumped at one of my pack member's exposed back. I leaped through the air, colliding with the rogue's body. I noticed it was female, she was in her wolf form. By the color of her fur- a blueish black- she was of the water element. We circled each other.

I snapped at her, teeth bared. She shrank out of the way and swung up her paw. Her claws scratched my face. I let out an enraged half yelp, half growl. I could feel the blood soaking my black fur. Then everyone froze. All was quiet as everyone, even the rogues, put their noses in the air and sniffed.


I let out a howl, telling my pack to go into the woods. I turned back to the female wolf as my pack retreated into the woods. I would finish this fight. With all my remaining energy, I mixed my elements- earth and air- and let out a loud bark. Within that bark, all my elemental powers exploded out of me. The rogues were all killed, and I almost was.

I fell onto my side, half dead. I let my eyes start to drift closed when I felt a wet nose press against me. Mate... Luna Ella... I have failed you. I heard her whimper, but it sounded so far away. I fought to keep myself from letting death take me. I can't die, not like this. I forced myself to stand up.

I wobbled, and my mate supported me. Together we followed the rest of the pack into the forest. We had to leave our territory. Now. We had nowhere to stay, and the fire was quickly spreading through the forest now.

"We must leave! We can no longer stay here!" I yelled, leaning against Ella. I had changed to human form, and had my arm thrown over Ella's shoulders as she supported me. All of my element powers were gone, which meant... so was my wolf. I couldn't tell the pack what had happened. I had to leave, go missing.

"I need to speak with my mate! I need you all to get out of the forest and find somewhere to hide!" I yelled, my voice hoarse from the smoke.

They listened, but probably only since I was their alpha. I turned to Ellah. I took her hands in mine. "I cannot stay here..."

"What do you mean?" She asked, confusion written on her face.

"When you found me, I had used all my power to kill off the rogues. By using all my power..."

"You lost your wolf..."

I nodded sadly. She mouthed and 'oh no' and put her hand over her mouth. I looked at her sadly. She knew I couldn't stay here, not anymore. I could no longer stay with her or my pack.

"Go, take care of the pack." I said, squeezing her hand. "Take them to safety, I must leave." Tears were forming in her eyes, and in mine.

She nodded her head, tears streaming down her face now. I put my hand on her face. I gave her one last kiss on her cheek before letting go of her hand and unsteadily walking pack to were the vampires were.

I heard her run off. I took a deep breath. I faced the vampires and the fire. I would try my best to slow them down, though I could not do much if there was a lot. The vampires soon had me on the ground. I was bleeding in multiple spots and could hardly breath, much less keep my eyes open.
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