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Drake and Audrey are the only one in the world who set foot on the final stage of the most in demand and voguish game " under taking". Then "ravana" the dishonorable and devilish villain authorize them to challenge him by choosing the way of dreams. Both knights from the world of righteousness are stuck in ravana's cruel world "awfulentia" a world where the people's are in human and brutal but not all Drake and Audrey links up with a collaborative personality 'Noah'. A storyline filled with attachments, friends love, exertion, hard word and having believe that they will have achievements.

Fantasy / Romance
Saba sajjad
4.5 2 reviews
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A wonderful game which is filled with action packed stages and main key of fun to the one who is heroic and adventurous

This most popular game was coming to the end by two fighters "Drake and Audrey"

Both were the only one in the world who were getting closer to victory

Audrey the most beautiful being. Her nature was righteous and welfared. She was the one who believed in wizardry and magic. She was supportive to the one who was having issues. Her dressing was chilly and unique. She was the one with mastery of battles and was best at using weapons.

On the other hand

Drake was very enthusiastic and childish. His nature was cool and chilly. He was having a habit of gaming. He had believe in dimensions because he loved thrills and adventures in his life. His dressing was up to the mark opposite to his character

(to be continued)
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