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its about how vamps find mates

Fantasy / Romance
Hisoka Hernandez
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Chapter 1

It was a day to bright for my liking but as usual I had to get up to get to school it was my last day after all, I graduate tomorrow I’m only here finishing up with sum paper work that my manager asked me for. I do not know what he needs it for, but I am not complaining. I was walking up to the school doors when felt eyes on me, so I decided to look back I don’t know it is just a creepy feeling. I turned my head and saw a gorgeous man and he is walking in the school’s direction, or at least I thought he was following me there.

Within the last year I have lived just 20 minutes away from school, so I have always walked there. My family loves to move from home every two years whether it’s a change in environment or they had problematic land owner , they always had to move and I was the one who always suffered I lost most of my friends and could never make the best of the situation. I am the youngest so its great to finally be closing this awful school experience. I am grateful that I’ve learned so much, but I yearn for something that means more to me I live like a zombie for far too long.

I was snapped out of my thoughts when I saw that the man was to close for my liking, so I did what any normal human would do ‘hey you got a problem’ I asked the man pretty loud I was trying to understand why he was so close to me . the man gave a smirk while speaking to me in a nasty tone ’no problem at all if you were walking and not lost in your you would’ve noticed you were walking far to slow for anyone’s liking , I’m sorry to make you feel uncomfortable but I was just trying to pass you by because I have somewhere to be’

I was shocked and looked down all while blushing and said ‘I’m sorry for being so rude I…...I.. I.. I..’ His look softens and he said ’it’s alright just pay attention while you are walking, we wouldn’t want such a sweet and beautiful girl getting hurt would we?’ All I could do is blush and look down while whimpering said I was sorry again and tried to walk alil faster because I might be late for school.

As soon as I got to school I looked around for the office and as soon as I found it I walked in and asked the secretary if she had the papers I called for this morning. She gave a confused look and said’ Angelina Flores am I correct?’ I nodded and said ‘yes of course’ She looked at me and said ‘the paper are all in here call if you need any more paper work we are open for graduates till 5 pm okay sweetheart’ I grabbed the pamphlet and turned around to see the man from earlier talking to principal Howards ‘we need good investors this year and I know that you are an honorable man what do you think about our school Mr. Tribeck’ The man said in a dominating tone it is just delightful and are vamps allowed in this school?’ He asked all while turning his face to look around till his eyes meet mine, I looked down and started walking towards the door when all of a sudden my principal said to the man ‘you see this is Angelina Flores she is one our best student she in the school council she is a full time tutor in all her classes and a fellow arts and crafts leader. She will be graduating this year she is one of the many talented kids that will be graduating this year we want our graduate to know what success looks like and I know for a fact that sir if you decide to invest in our school you won’t regret it and for the question you asked earlier yes they are allowed but most don’t let anyone other then school staff know about their nature.’

‘So, is it a must for vamps to hide their nature or is it easier for them to study while no one knows their nature?’ the man asked. I started walking out the door and decided that I didn’t care what they were talking about. So, I decided to walk past my old class stopped to say hello t o some of my old teachers and then decided that it was time to go home.

Since it is my only day off I get to go home and watch some tv and cook some diner. As I am walking all I can think about is that mans beautiful face and why he was starring at me so serious almost as if he knew something I didn’t know. I stopped at the market to buy a few items to eat when I stopped at the vegetables and grabbed some potatoes when I bumped into someone it was another gorgeous man. This man he was way taller the me with dirty blond hair super chiseled jaw and blue eyes he was just so beautiful. He looked up at me with a smile and said, ‘I’m sorry for bumping into you.’ I looked at him shocked and blushing like crazy ‘umm uh it’s okay I guess .’ he leaned forward and whisper in my ear ‘you should go out with me by the way I’m Antoine , what your name.’

I turned into a blushing mess, I looked at him and said ’its Angelina and no thank you. ’with that said I started to walk in the opposite direction and started to move I still had a few things to get. Before I could move far enough grabbed my arm and said, ‘here Is my number you should really call me I know won’t regret it Ms. Angelina.’ I blushed and said, ‘fine I’ll call you soon enough please if you wouldn’t mind I have things to get thank you.’ the man looked shocked and didn’t say anything more just nodded and walked away. I was glad this was finally over or so I thought but from now on I know this is was going to change everything and my life was neve going to be the same.

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