The Memoir of Lovette

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Lovette Hoffman and Jared Killian were two average college students who each receive an exclusive invitation to the exclusive Midnight Gala where they find themselves taken into the custody of an elite Vampire Lord, Izekiel,and his exquisite, yet subordinate family, changing their human lives forever. Be advised: This story is an 18+ mature erotic romance novel that contains a sexual assault.

Fantasy / Erotica
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Chapter 1: The Professer

Jared waited in eager anticipation for his world history class to start. It wasn't that Jared was particularly interested in World History, but he was interested in the World History Professor, Asher Rose.

Asher was one of the most attractive professors on campus, he was incredibly young to be a professor and students took notice of his charming demeanor and seductively good looks. But it was definitely taboo to get involved with the professor, Asher was known to be quick to dismiss any advances from his students.

Jared had taken every class Asher had ever offered at the University; he was infatuated with Asher's teachings. When Asher spoke of history it was as if he really lived through it. He had a mind for details, and Jared was intrigued by his impeccable recollection of those details.

Jared also knew that it didn't hurt to be on Asher's good side and case he might be invited to the annual "Midnight Gala" hosted by various members of Asher's incredibly wealthy family.

It was well known that Asher had ties to the elusive Stone family, who were one of the most wealthy and prominent families in the city of Ravenwood.

The Midnight Gala was perhaps the most exclusive event of the year, every year, and it was a well known rumor at the University that Professor Rose selected a few of his favorite students to attend the event. Many students took his class hoping to score an invite, but so far nobody had said they had actually been invited.

Jared was absorbed in his own thoughts and did not notice when Professor Rose walked in the lecture hall. Professor Rose waited for a few students to dawdle in from outside, and then began to lecture about Ancient Egypt and its various tombs during the Old and Middle Kingdoms.

Before Jared knew it he was hanging on to every word that Asher spoke, listening to him describe the old tombs so gracefully that he felt like he was in ancient Egypt himself.

Jared quickly found himself enveloped in Asher's melodic voice. He did not even notice the the rest of the students leave the lecture hall, until Asher was standing directly in front of him.

"Mr. Killian," Asher began, "were my instructions unclear?"

"I apologize Professor, I didn't realize the time, I must have lost focus," Jared replied a flush of embarrassment on his cheeks.

Looking at the professor up close, Jared was entranced by his perfection; his face seemed to be chiseled out of stone, his skin was a pale marble white, his icy blue eyes were haunting.

"Well for a student who has taken all of my classes, I find that hard to believe," Asher replied jokingly.

Jared felt himself losing control. He could feel himself becoming aroused by Asher's sensual voice. He adjusted his textbook on his lap to hide his growing erection. Jared kept his eyes focused on Asher to mask his obvious arousal, that was becoming more blatant as he breathed in Asher's woody scent.

Jared started to rise from his seat, keeping his textbook in front of his crotch. "Sorry to waste your time Professor..." he mumbled as he rushed to leave the lecture hall, his face turning bright red and his breathing becoming ragged.

I have to get out of here.

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