The Everlasting Encounter

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What if what seemed like a chance encounter was meant to be something truly unforgettable. Are you ready to feel that? Can you cope with something of genuine intensity?

Fantasy / Poetry
Dia Constant
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1. The first Touch

It was warm and it was busy
enough to transform and render dizzy.
They were bored and gazed on earth
at those ignored, those lost at birth.

Now she’s there, then she’s gone
moved through the air, was she a pawn?
Lost in his thoughts, eyes moving slowly
his mind in knots, heart the Stromboli.

An arrow each was all it took
like on a beach, reading a book.
A little breeze, but much more heat
just look at these...advance-retreat!

And up above laughing out loud
little by little there came a crowd.
So simple to manipulate
was long ago their last blind date.

They rose and talked and were polite
drifting apart, caught by a fright.
Better walk up and stand in line
no time to waste, no time to shine.

Returning to the spiraling voids
once more transformed to humanoids.
A hearty wave, a distant smile
go back again, right by the aisle.

They’ve gotten closer, but it was dark
a conversation without a spark.
Sudden bright light, the retinas hurt
turned into nothing more than a flirt.

Their souls were yawning their eyes heavy
felt like there was a meeting levy.
And then one touch, one look, one smile
they came to life, was it worthwhile?

It was the moment to run and hide
a simple question of standard pride.
It was the moment to hit the road
a simple need to change the mode.

The minutes passed like they were years
they missed each other but were no tears.
And then a flash, a beeping sound
a life signal in the background.

They smiled and grinned, their eyes were shining
they’d not forget that moment defining.
Their heart rate changed but were in peace
they’d meet again, this was still Greece.
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