The Everlasting Encounter

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2. Death by a thousand cuts

A truly beautiful day
sunny and warm.
Not a roll in the hay
nothing special, just the norm.

Light everywhere
flooding it all.
The sickening ochre
of a nasty fall.

Time appeared to had disappeared
and all the problems practically gone.
A pretty picture completely smeared
a fatally wounded fragile, black swan.

Vast and plentiful offerings
laughs and smiles and happiness.
Locked-away secret things
nails in a coffin and crappiness.

The deepest blue and the whitest white
showered her body and her heart.
Someone grabbed her plate and took a bite
memories past and present doing their part.

Hard to hide his joy and his pleasure
he twisted and turned in excitement.
He’d never manage to find the treasure
there was nothing left there but a fragment.

She was transfixed by the site
every single one of her pores filled with smiles.
Everything and everyone else was a blight
she distanced herself, gone now by miles.

He went further than before
took happy step after happy step.
He wasn’t allowing anyone to enter any more
no one new permitted on his doorstep.

For the first time in a while
she was free from truly everything.
Hurting and drowning in the Nile
a wasp threatening to really sting.

This time was not going to be the same
there was really something there.
He realized he was never going to be in the frame
there was nothing to clear the air.

They had managed to be together
their hearts finally able to take a needed rest.
Their feelings precarious as a feather
a bitter taste, they were again stressed.

She hesitantly made a small step
more obliged than compelled.
He watched out not to misstep
his emotion in check he tried and held .

Yet another goodbye
yet another set of wishes spoken.
Nothing but darkness in the sky
no real feelings just a token.

They touched each other helplessly
trying to make the moment last a little more.
They needed to behave selflessly
open the doors to each other’s core.

He held back her hand tightly
and didn’t want to let her go.
She looked at him and smiled lightly
they were now both in the know.

She jumped out a little flushed
there should have been more.
She was hit but not crushed
hope or not, she knew the score.

He looked at the empty back seat
she looked at the empty train station.
Maybe this time they weren’t going to be beat
perhaps there was to be another elation.

There was a massive need
for help from the outside.
This time they weren’t going to bleed
they wouldn’t let things slide.

Of course
they still hadn’t realized.
It would take a lot of skill
they’d need to no longer be disguised.

They both feared that.
They both secretly wished for that.

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