The Everlasting Encounter

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3. Deus ex machina

Aphrodite couldn’t believe
her favorite experiment was in danger.
There was no way she’d start to grieve
even if she were indeed a stranger.

She calls Poseidon to join her quickly
a favor she needs for a special project.
She says she’s troubled and feeling sickly
and tells him her troubles’ main object.

There is a boat already at sea
from Santorini making its way.
It carries a girl they all agree
she’s very special, a lot at play.

A wind she wants but not a monsoon
to slow things down just enough.
They must act now and not just soon
she needs an idea off the cuff.

That’s not a problem Poseidon exclaims
I’ll cash-in a favor Aeolus owes.
He’s the best at re-igniting flames
on just his wish any boat slows.

Both mortals fear all has ended
taking already a separate path.
Their two hearts once so clearly blended
now firm in the hands of weather math.

A massive commotion, intense exchanges
she’s really worried her thoughts a mess.
His existing plans he quickly changes
there must be a way to relieve the stress.

Plans are formed with new alternatives
things get better and then get calmer.
There is no need for more superlatives
no need to call a heart embalmer.

He rushes close to the port
it’s complicated but not impossible.
The ball is now out of their court
but maybe they’ll meet it’s now possible.

She’s happy and she smiles once more
surprised at her own reaction.
Her heart’s now obviously open door
surely that’s not just an attraction.

He’s happy now he smiles once more
content that they may see each other.
He wants to jump, rise from the floor
they’ll be in company of one another.

A last minute panic appears out of nowhere
her reason and feelings have started fighting.
Is an alternative to be found somewhere
or is it better that all’s exciting?

And then there’s peace and calm and warmth
sharing a moment and feeling close.
Aphrodite looks at them from up North
no logic, no reason, it’s nature’s prose.

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