The Everlasting Encounter

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4. Enlightenment

Everything was completely dark
and someone turned-on the lights.
It was funny that in a place so stark
you could hear the Dance of Knights.

The rhythm of the evening was fast
everything vibrated with life.
All seemed primed for things to last
a dreamy environment in the afterlife.

Drowned in his own fog he waited a bit
wondering about time and place.
He smiled and marveled at his own wit
trying to get a better feel of space.

She came down the stairs softly
moving slowly diagonally.
He had missed her awfully
questioning if he was looking adequately.

There was much grace in her descent
she looked down, then raised her eyes.
The time-space continuum was bent
the prettiest of starry skies.

He barely recognized her
she seemed a different atom.
Much less of a blur
more sure than she could fathom.

She had made up her mind
she was, after all these days, sure.
She was going to be kind
she managed to find the cure.

The walk was downhill
she thought much smoother .
Her heart begun to fill
strangely, it was much smoother.

Of her choice
she was again not sure.
You could hear it in her voice
was it perhaps an allure?

They were both surprised
when they veered away.
Certainly not what the doctor advised
they were leading each other astray.

Even the simplest of thoughts
seemed to change.
They started seeing spots
being together was no longer strange.

She was surprised at her reactions
her feelings had switched once more.
Maybe a result of his actions
something was alive after all.

He was perplexed and trying hard
was he seeing what was not there?
He decided to risk it and draw another card
there was still precious little time to spare.

First the square, then the column
a twist and a turn and some steps.
Talking was quieter more solemn
better eat, if only there were some crepes.

They were wondering what it was
that made them change so much.
What was the real cause
that prohibited a touch.

Did he say the right things
did she react the right way?
What gave their thoughts wings
and made them both less gray?

They spent more time together
it felt nice and easy and sweet.
It was despite of the weather
were they destined to meet?

Their eyes closer than ever
two hearts warm and soft.
They were both clever
but left standing in a pigeon loft.

In that small table by the slope
they approached hesitantly.
Both wonderful, both clothed in hope
there was a lot bonding them evidently.

She looked straight at him
free from all her fears.
She was ready to scream
the happiness and still no tears.

He listened to her voice
watched her mannerisms.
He felt happiness, he had no choice
her image coming to him through prisms.

She was simultaneously hot and cold
quick electric waves passing right through her.
Everything was bright and gold
a cat next to her had started to purr.

He tried to assist her
he wanted her to just speak.
Un-distracted, not wanting to deter
and failed to be cool or sleek.

She saw herself in his eyes
a mirror reflection of hers, smiling.
There were no lows, just highs
her emotions started pilling.

It was a view to a different reality
a sneak peek to new skies.
She was standing under a silk tree
all transformed by one look of her eyes.

It had never been like this
where on earth were they?
And still there was no kiss
just needed to get ready and pay.

The time was stretched again
it happened only for them again.
The two of them alone again
pushing their endurance levels again.

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