The Everlasting Encounter

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5. Not enough time to even say “so long and goodbye”

It was a warm and pleasant morning
the sun covered everything with light.
There was nothing around looking like a warning
all was crystal clear and bright.

The portable lighthouses went to work early
messages were flying all over the place.
Any last minute issues could be overcome, surely
no matter the problems, they wouldn’t leave any trace.

She appeared finally in the background
saw him standing and walked up towards him.
She definitely looked home-bound
but her expression wasn’t grim.

As always when she first arrived
she appeared composed and serious.
She never seemed contrived
but she did have a tendency to be mysterious.

But, again as always, her mood changed
she let down her guard and her defenses.
It’s true her attitude was widely ranged
but when around him there were only few fences.

She looked pretty and full of life
they smiled and seemed glad together.
He saw her as a form of wildlife
loved to just observe her altogether.

She showed a few signs of stress
but she made a real effort to suppress it.
If she was in any form of distress
she definitely didn’t let it out in the cockpit.

Once again, seeing her next to him
made him feel amazed.
Liking her was not a simple whim
and he was often rather dazed.

There were a lot of things about her
that he found tremendously intriguing.
Clearly, there were some issues they’d have to defer
but none of her character traits were fatiguing.

They sat down and he found it funny
she hadn’t changed her mood in ages.
She was wearing her new glasses, cute as a bunny
they were smiles and things moved in smooth stages.

It was the first time since they’d met
that they were fully connected, fully in tune.
Neither of them was going to fret
it was by now high noon.

The ride back was complicated
lots of issues kept popping into her mind.
They had to see how things developed, they waited
funny or not the planets needed to be realigned.

Then there was calm once more
and more moments to connect.
It was as if they were close to the shore
still, they needed to keep their emotions checked.

A couple of waves through the tinted glass
a few smiles and hopes and perhaps some relief too.
They weren’t going to let things just pass
but they weren’t going either to turn blue.


(Thank you for reading and hope you liked this collection of poems. The next chapter “Get the most out of this story” contains additional info and insights on this story which hopefully you will find interesting and useful)

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