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Zora Matejić 's pack was attacked when she was thirteen. The gruesome war wasn't just any other pack-war in the werewolf world. It was a planned operation to capture the werewolves by an unknown association. Seven years down the line, Zora is now on the mission to find the people behind the attacks and is hopeful to find her brother and cousins who were taken away during the time. But being a normal-werewolf girl isn't enough to break into a foreign land and infiltrate what might be a secret organisation run by dangerous kinds. So, she chooses to be the one that is can stand against the dangerous, one that is lethal, one that is feared the most in the wolf world-the Kinetic. Meanwhile, Alpha Christian Marquez is a greater distraction to the all powerful Kinetic. She cannot let him hinder her, as she has no plans to fall for him. Nor, she is doing good at ignoring him, as he is her mate. But Alpha Christian has his own plans. Now, it is up to the choices they make. It can survive them or have them die at the hands of each other.

Fantasy / Action
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There was a very thin line between a curse or a boon, one could turn to another within matter of seconds. Just like how in matter of seconds you realised that the happy world around you was shattered into pieces. I lived in one such happy places, enjoying the carefree life as a young she-wolf of the largest and the only thriving pack in my country.

The situation of the country wasn’t great. Our human counterparts were rebelling against the political leaders, more like greedy, authoritarian leaders. There was a big wave of civil unrest rising across the country. Taking advantage of such time, my pack was ambushed and attacked.

The Alpha along with his Betas and other strong adult wolves were killed and the young wolves—my friends and cousins along with my sweet little brother were abducted. Only few of us had survived the bestiality of that wretched day. And the rest, they were gone without a trace. We only knew they were taken across the ocean in ships.

As time went by, hopes of rescuing our lost brothers and sisters was beginning to rise among the rest of us. And one day, the older ones among us young wolves called a meeting and we made a pact.

The pact called for a hard and dangerous mission. And we had to become stronger to accomplish it. So here, at fifteen, I stood, on the doorstep of a witch named Dijana, almost knocking her door. Yet, my hands trembled for this was a risky choice.

Some of the wolves on the trial before were been induced with new magical abilities. They didn’t tell it out loud, but I had seen how getting used to the new energies hurt them.

This must be some wicked game of fate, I thought.

Today was the day of my trail with magic.

I didn’t know what more the wicked fate had in store for me?

Would it hurt badly?

Or would it kill me?

I sucked in a deep breath. I had to do it. This was what it was going to take to bring back my brother.

I can do it, I told myself several times then knocked at the door. It was already open. Biting my lips and curling my palms into fists, I pushed myself inside the witch’s place.

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