The Night's Hound

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When the clock strikes six in the afternoon, every house in Brew Village locks up its doors and covers up its windows. Silence crept through the village and darkness swallowed. As April, an eighteen year-old school girl that lived in an orphanage;curiosity seems to have overwhelmed her, causing her to know the unknown and enter the reality of the world.

Fantasy / Romance
L.G Fantasy 00
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Chapter One: Creepy Emerald Eyes

*Alarm rings*

"Ugh!" I sighed.

I checked the time and realized it was 7:57am, 3 minutes before receiving a penalty of 3-hour community service.

"I swear tha-" I said.

"April!! 2 minutes 'til I barge into your room grabbing you by the ear and drag you to campus!" Emma complains.

I rushed out of my room and went straight towards the bathroom. After a few seconds, I went out and grabbed a pair of sneakers and ran back to my room.

I pulled out my dark tattered jeans, and my black plain shirt from my dusty closet and quickly wore them.

"April. " Emma called in an annoyed tone.

"Coming!" I answered breathlessly.

I ran outside and paused for a few moments.

"You're going to school, not to a ball." I reminded, as Emma is wearing a long blue floral dress with a pair of silver heels.

"And you're also going to school, not a funeral." she said while crossing arms on her chest.

"What time is it?" I asked with a worried tone.

"It's..."she said after looking at her silver watch.

It took a few seconds for her to say the time. I ran to her and almost tripped after forgetting to tie my shoe lace up.

"7:32am."she said.

"What?! My alarm clock clearly said that it was 3 minutes before 8."I said with a confused face.

"Ohh! I kinda... did adjust your time for like 33 minutes befor-" she guiltily explained.

"What?! Why?! How?!" I asked furiously.

"Slow down, girl." she said after raising her hands up looking defeated.

"As your most gorgeous bestfriend, I would like to... NOT JUST STAND Here FOR A COUPLE OF MINUTES WAITING FOR YOU TO TAKE A BATH, GET DRESSED, AND EAT BREAKFAST FOR HOURS AFTE-!!" she said angrily.

"Breakfast?" I asked.

"Right! You promised me that you're gonna buy me Blueberry Waffles before going to campus yesterday." I reminded her after giving her a puppy face look.

"Okay, fine. If you aren't my bestfriend lookin' small and cute, I could've left you and walked away." she said calmly.

We drove for a few minutes and reached a small breakfast diner in the village. We entered and found an available table for two. We sat and asked a waiter for the menu. I searched through the whole menu for blueberry waffles and spotted it.

"I want two Blueberry Waff-" I choked on my saliva as I saw glowing emerald eyes stalking me from afar. I felt goosebumps around my nape for a few minutes after staring into the emerald eyes looking at me.

"April wants two blueberry waffles, please." Emma informed the waiter. As I snapped back to myself, and looked at Emma.

"What? Do you want to add more?" Emma asked with a confused reaction.

I looked back to the place I last saw the emerald eyes but spotted nothing. I turned back to Emma, and held out a sharp sigh.

"No. I'll just have two blueberry waffles and a bottle of water. Thanks!" I answered.

"How 'bout you miss? What would you like to order?" the waiter glanced at Emma and asked.

"Just a strawberry and banana smoothie, please. I would like it to be grande sized" she winked at the waiter causing him to turn into a riped tomato.

She giggled and turned to me.

"I think we should finish our breakfast quickly 'cause I don't want to end up cleaning the campus for three decades!" she said sarcastically.

"Hours." I corrected.

After several minutes, our order was done and we immediately munched into our delicious meals. Well, for her it's a drink, but for me... It's a good breakfast.

"Let's go?" she asked.

"Yeah, sure!" I replied.

While driving to campus, a conversation suddenly started.

"Did you read the school manual?" she asked me while focusing on the road.

"Is there even one?" I asked sarcastically.

"That didn't answer my question." she replied firmly.

"Obviously no, is there even something important written there except us cleaning the campus after being late for a few minutes?" I asked her with a confused look on my face.

"No." she said.

"But there is something strange though. The manual said we are going home at 3:00pm because of a very unusual reason." she said while knotting her brows together.

"So? What's that 'unusual reason' you're talking about?" I asked while looking at the odd houses with thick metal gates and secured windows.

"The manual said that there's a curfew in this village, restricting all of us from going out of our homes after the clock strikes six."she said seriously.

A goosebump suddenly creeps up to me again after hearing the 'unusual reason' Emma said

"If we go out beyond the curfew, what happens?" I asked her while knotting my brows together waiting for her answer.

"A friend of mine said that people have been disappearing after going beyond the curfew and was said that one night they heard a muffled scream coming from outside. That's probably why these houses are now tightly secured with huge bars of metals like the ones in the orphanage you're now livin-" she said and looked at me with eyes of sympathy.

"What? Why'd you stop?" I asked with my arms crossed on top of my chest.

"Nothing. I'm sorry for bringing that up." she said while looking down then eventually placed her eyes on the road.

"It's okay. It's not your fault that your dad placed me in an orphanage instead of the expensive dorm your staying at. He has his reasons." I said and I smiled at her.

The drive went silent after that conversation was brought up. After a few minutes, we reached campus and headed to our classroom beside the School Library.

What do y'all think happened in the classroom they entered? Comment down below for me to see your expectations?

What do you think about those Emerald eyes that was stalking April?

I'm excited for you all as you read the next chapter! Is there gonna be something mysterious in the next chapter?

**wink wink wink**

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