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Nothing was just gifted. Kate was nothing. Everything was taken away from her. Giving up, though, never was an option. Hope is for the weak Alex was an Alpha. He had everything. Getting what he wanted, was his only option.

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1. All over again

She could hear screams and laughs. How is that possible? How can tragedy and happiness go down the same road?

For a tragedy is exactly what it was and that deafening happiness was twisted, coated with malice and hunger for death.

She wanted to run. But she couldn't move. She wanted to scream. But she had no voice.

There was blood everywhere. Fire and smoke. Mothers begging for their children's life, but their pleadings were unnoticed, because they had their plan. Kill the "future", first. When your future is tortured and killed before your very eyes you have no power left, there is no reason for you to live.

Claws and teeth and flesh, no matter where she looked. Wolves attacking not to win the battle but to take down as many, monsters, as they could, before their last breath.

Monsters. That's what they were.

Every pack member, every wolf she ever knew and loved, was dead. They were lying on the ground, their eyes open, looking right at her. But the screams were louder than ever, though. How? And the laughs... The laughs, she realized, were coming closer and closer.

Hateful eyes, bloodied teeth and filthy breaths were circling her. How many they were? The threatening formation started to close around her, slowly. She was the only survivor. Not for long. They launched forward and...

She jolted awake, sweating. Her scream has woken her up. She covered her mouth with her hand trying to suppress it but to no vain. A second past and her blood turned ice cold. That wasn't her screaming, she heard. It was coming from the Alpha's house. She got up as fast as she could and tied the belt with her double swords behind her back. She always slept with clothes and shoes on. All pack members except Alpha's family were positioned in rooms near his house. She opened the door and run. She had to find Jerry. He was Alpha Drake's Gamma, a battle strategy expert and her trainer.

"Rogues!!" someone shouted. "Hurry up, take the children to saf..." but he didn't manage to finish the order. The rogue wolf came from behind him and he didn't even gave him the chance to shift. Beta Craig was dead.

It was hard for her to breath. She was not allow to lose it now. She trained so hard, for this. She had to keep her mind clear, to tame her thoughts. She ordered her self to talk to fight the nausea.

"Didn't think you could win in a fair match, did you." she said. Her swords already in her hands.

The rogue turn slowly to face her. He stared at her and before he could finish his growling, her swords were on his neck and mouth.

"Couldn't understand what you were saying, anyway" she told him, even though she knew, he could no longer hear her.

She had to find Jerry, she should inform him about Beta Graig. He would form the fighters. He would know what to do. He always does.

She forced her way closer to the Alpha's house. She had already taken down three more rogues but they were so many. Her swords were bathed in blood. Her hands, too. She hated that sticky texture between her fingers, it made it more difficult for her to hold her weapons, but she had no choice.

She spotted Jerry. She was still guite far but she ran to him trying to avoid the attacks. She had to keep looking forward, otherwise she wouldn't be able to hold it together if she gave space to her mind to realize the death around her. Jerry was already in his wolf form battling two rogues. They weren't bigger than him. Their fur was stained with filth and blood. Dead rogues were all around him. How many did he manage to kill? Jerry was cornered, but he had a plan she was sure. He always had. The rogues kept pushing him back. What was going on? Why he wasn't making his move? He looked to his left. A small move, almost invisible to the others, but she recognized it. Something was off. He was counting on someone to complete the formation and that someone was no where to be seen, probably already killed. She pushed her self to ran faster. Jerry was attacked by the rogues but he managed to take one down. The second one ran away. She let out a breath she hadn't realize she was holding. She was closer now. Jerry looked at her and then a massive brown wolf attacked him from the right.

She screamed and this time she was sure it was coming from her. She kept screaming even when her swords went down to the rouges's side. He howled in pain and he left.

Jerry was in the ground, wounded. She looked around and couldn't believe it. Everything. Everything was happening all over again.

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