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Alice has everything: Looks, Sass, and absolutely NO class. She hates her teacher, and her teacher hates her back. After discovering a strange rabbit and hole, Alice's wish of getting a place to herself may turn out to be more than she bargained for.

Fantasy / Romance
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1: Rabbit In The Hole!

"Everyone, Mrs. Cobblestone isn't here yet. So I would like to say some things about her." Alice sat down on the front of the wooden desk. The class snickers.
"I just wanted to say, Mrs. Cobblestone is the MOST shallow, awful, two-timing--" Alice pauses in her words as she sees Mrs. Cobblestone walk through the door. "Two-timing what, Miss Red?" Mrs. Cobblestone looks at Alice with a stern look, and dismisses her out of the class room. Alice walks through the village on the stone path. The village of Norki Disol was as bright as ever. The birds were singing, and the village women were humming lovely tunes as the hung their sheets and cloth. At last, it felt like Alice was walking into her own funeral. "Mother, I'm back early..." Alice said walking through the front door. " Mother isn't here. She went to the market." A voice answers. It was her eldest sister, Zanna. "Your teacher KICKED you OUT AGAIN?! Geez, maybe try not to disappoint mom."
Alice hung her head low as she felt small, miniature tears stream down her face. " YOU ALL DON'T GET ME AT ALL!" Alice screams. She runs into the forest and sits at an oak tree. Sobbing, she she's a rabbit. "Rabbit...?" She says quietly. "Did I scare you with my sobbing...?" She says softly. Possibly scared, the white dwarf rabbit hops away. But Alice follows it. "What the..? Hello?! Little rabbit, have you fallen in this hole?! Don't worry, I'm coming to get you!" She yells. Alice inches her head into the hole, as her light hair covers her face. But before you could say, "WATCH OUT IDOT", Alice has fallen in, unconscious!
How long has it been? Years? Day? Weeks? Alice wakes up with a awful bruise on her arm. The place she is in is awfully twisted and whacky. Trees are colorful and twisted. The path is striped black and white. "What the heck is going on?"
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