After Effects

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It’s finally happened... the end of the world. Synthetic Biology was advantageous, yes, but the scientists engineered a super virus that wiped out 90% of the population. It’s up to Diana and her crew to establish a safe haven. A utopia... A/N: Hey y’all I’m new at writing so I would really appreciate some constructive criticism to help me better my writing abilities especially during this pandemic. Thanks ~Meg

Fantasy / Romance
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It’s finally happened... the end of the world.

Synthetic Biology creates new opportunities for biological systems, which includes artificial life. The scientists were oblivious to the dangers that their discoveries would cause. Unknowingly, they engineered a super virus that wiped out 90% of the population. However, those who did survive had after-effects. These unexplainable powers that are dangerous to not just the holder but also everyone around them. To survive in this hypothetical new world, one would need control of these powers... and quick.

Diana Williams survives the sickness. Her whole town dyes from the super virus or so she thinks. She must find fellow survivors and create a utopia for all. Of course, this 16-year-old is now an ordinary girl. Her knowledge of medicine and her natural leadership skills will help pave the way for their ideal society.

Asher Harris is one of the few survivors of the super virus. This mysterious 17-year-old knows how to survive off the land from living in the woods with his family for nearly a decade. Even though he can be quite candid, he does come in handy when it really counts.

Will these two find each other? Can Diana make a difference in the world like she wants to do? Can Asher help build this utopian society for the survivors?

All in due time...

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