The Green Grass Fox

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Tora has always lived her life with the Traveling Performers with Vagon, the man who has raised her since her parents' deaths. But her life changes when she's ten years old. Now her life is flipped upside down as she must go on a quest to save her father from the evil Fire Prince and his forces of darkness. Joining her is Vagon, the man who is like her uncle and Carver, a strange boy who has a secret of his own. Tora must be wary though for there are those who will stop at nothing to kill her. Those such as Warlock, the leader of the Dark Killers, his mother, Morgon, the evil sorceress and the Fire Prince, the evil ruler of the Fire Lands.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter One

A long time ago, in medieval times, there were four kingdoms. One belonged to the Prince of Loran. The second belonged to The Fire Prince. The third belonged to the Dwarves King. The fourth belonged to the creatures and their Queen. There were peasants to do the farming, selling, and buying. There were armies protecting their kingdoms. There were The Traveling Performers, a group of people who traveled in all the kingdoms doing performances. And the most famous person of all: The Green Grass Fox.

The Prince of Loran was kind and gentle to his people, like the Dwarf King, and The Queen. The Fire Prince was cruel and harsh. He would often have his best man, Warlock, and his Dark Killers, a group of men that wore purple armor with stone wolves’ heads on their chests, attack the other three kingdoms. He would even kill The Traveling Performers at times just to get fun out of it. There was one person though that he could never catch and that was The Green Grass Fox. But all that would change.

The Green Grass Fox was a man married to an elf woman named Lorain and had a baby daughter. They lived in a place people called The Green Grass Fox’s Mound.

Lorain was holding their infant daughter when The Green Grass Fox asked her, “What should her name be?”

Lorain looked at him. “How about Tora?” She asked.

He smiled at the name. “She’ll live with The Traveling Performers.” The Green Grass Fox said. “I’m too dangerous.” It was true.

Down at the Fire Lands, in the Fire Castle, The Fire Prince was in his throne when Warlock entered. The Fire Prince was a man in his seventies. His hair was long and white. Warlock had brown hair and black eyes. “Yes Warlock?” The Fire Prince asked.

Warlock got down on one knee. “I have found The Green Grass Foxes home.” Warlock reported.

The Fire Prince smiled wickedly. “Capture him and whoever’s with him.” He ordered Warlock. He bowed and left.

At Warlocks village, he summoned Scar Face, a man with two scars in the shape of an x, and Vorc.

“I have found The Green Grass Foxes home.” Warlock told them.

The two men gasped. “No one has ever found The Green Grass Foxes home, except The Traveling Performers.” Vorc said.

“Well I have. I want you to lead a few Dark Killers to capture him and whoever’s with him.” The men bowed and left. Ten minutes later, six Dark Killers rode out on horses to The Green Grass Fox.

Two hours later, at The Green Grass Fox’s’ Mound, right outside, a man saw six riders coming towards the mound. He recognized them as Dark Killers, due to the purple armor. He ran inside. His name was Vagon. He was a man in his mid thirties with black hair. He found The Green Grass Fox with his family. “Warlock’s men are coming to capture you.” He told him.

Lorain gasped and held Tora tightly. The Green Grass Fox ran to a green chest and opened it. Inside was a green leaf in the face of a fox. It was his mask. “Lorain. Take Tora with you and go to The Traveling Performers. I’ll be fine.”

Vagon grabbed Lorain. “Come on." He said to her.

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