The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Eleven

Down in the Fire Prince’s castle, The Fire Prince was with Warlock, and a Shadow Warrior general. “Warlock, Your mother has just informed me that the child is still alive and that she is traveling with my son. I’m having you lead some Shadow Warriors and some of your Dark Killers to their location.”

Warlock looked at the Fire Prince. “We don’t even know where they are.” He reminded the Fire Prince.

The Fire Prince smiled. “I know where they are, thanks to Morgon’s viewing water mirror. They’re at a cave near the border to night.”

“I want you to bring them to me.” The Fire Prince ordered him. Warlock bowed and left. The Shadow Warrior General nodded and left after Warlock. They rode to Warlock’s village. They then left the village with twenty Shadow Warriors, their general, twenty Dark Killers, and Warlock. The Dark Killers were placing spells on The Shadow Warriors and their general to protect them from the sun as they rode.

That night they saw a fire at the cave The Fire Prince told him about. “There they are.” Warlock told his forces. One of The Dark Killers accidentally snapped a twig under his boot. Warlock glared at The Dark Killers.

“Keep quiet.” Warlock turned back to the cave. He could now see the two children.

The boy told the girl something. He then got up and took his bow and an arrow. He then fired towards Warlock and his forces. The arrow hit one of The Shadow Warriors and the monster fell down dead. The boy looked around. “I know you’re out there.” The boy shouted.

He has good hearing. Warlock thought. “Warriors charge in.” He ordered them. They all drew their swords out and charged in.

Four Dark Killers surrounded Carver. He noticed they were Slicer, One-Eye, Piper, and Val-Dragon. Carver dropped his bow, and grabbed his new sword. Slicer ran at Carver. Carver raised his sword up and sliced Slicer’s head off. Piper ran up from behind him. Carver turned around just in time to see Piper gasp and fall to the ground dead. Tora was behind him, her knife in her hand.

“One-eye! Val-Dragon! Go back to the village and get help.” Warlock ordered them. The two men ran off.

“Tora! Get behind me!” Carver shouted to her. Warlock and the rest of his forces ran at Carver. Carver began hacking them all down. Soon Warlock was the only one left.

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