The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Twelve

Carver and Warlock faced off towards each other. “Your father wants you and the girl at his castle.” Warlock said.

Tora overheard that and began backing away to the wall. Carver is The Fire Prince’s son? She thought to herself. That would possibly mean that he’s leading me to my doom.

Warlock and Carver began fighting, when Carver jumped in front of the fire. “Tora, cover your eyes.” He told her. Tora covered her eyes. Warlock ran at Carver. Carver grabbed Warlock, and sliced Warlock’s sword in half. Then he sent the blade into Warlock’s heart. As Warlock gasped, Carver shoved him into the fire. Warlock burned up in the fire. Carver turned towards Tora.

Tora began backing away from him. “Why didn’t you tell me you were The Fire Prince’s son?” She asked turning very white.

Carver knelt and began cleaning his sword on the ground. “I can explain.” He told her in a calm voice. Tora took her dagger out. Carver looked up and began laughing. “If I was your enemy, I would have let those two Shadow Warriors kill you and Vagon, and I wouldn’t have killed those other Shadow Warriors and Dark Killers.” He said.

He has a point. Tora thought. “Maybe, but you might be taking me there just for the glory.” She shot back.

“I don’t want to face my father in his castle, nor do I want to see him unless I must. I’m only going there to help you.” Carver said. Tora stared at him. Carver sighed, and put his clean sword away. “I’ll tell you my story then.” He said. Tora put her dagger away slowly.

“I was only four years old when it happened. My father, The Fire Prince, was having a feast in honor of the capture of The Green Grass Fox. The next day, I wanted to see The Green Grass Fox, your father. As I was going down to the dungeons I was caught by The Prison Guard. My father was furious. He never let anyone visit the prisoners, not even the families of the prisoners.” Carver said.

“He had me whipped five times by an enchanted whip made by Morgon. Ever since that moment, I avoided him. When I was ten years old, my father had a second son. My tutor came to me during the middle of the night. He told me that The Fire Prince wanted his second son to be the king after him, and that I was to be killed.” Carver continued.

“My tutor and I ran away on two of The Fire Prince’s horses. On the way, at The Fire Fortress, my tutor was captured, but I escaped. Four years later just two days ago, I heard that there were two Shadow Warriors were searching for the child of The Green Grass Fox, you that is. So I went after them. That’s how I met you.” Carver finished his story.

Tora looked at him, and sat down. She didn’t realize she had been standing for the entire story. She knew that The Fire Prince was very cruel, but that he would whip his own son and even try to kill him was too much. “Did the wounds on your back from the whip ever heal?” She asked him.

“I only have scars now.” Carver answered her.

“I guess that could be a reason to trust you, if you’re telling the truth." Tora said.

Carver smiled. “That’s all I can ask for.” He said.

Tora looked up at Carver’s eyes as if she could sense the truth. She looked away when she realized she began blushing. She never looked at a boy in the eyes. She then said, “We need to get going before The Fire Prince sends more men.”

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