The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Thirteen

The Red Prince went to the gates of The Prince of Loran’s castle. He had Demetrie with him. Demetrie looked up at the castle. “Why are we here again?” He asked The Red Prince.

The Red Prince looked at Demetrie. “We have to tell The Prince of Loran something important. It has to do with Tora.” He answered. Just as they were about to enter, the two guards blocked them.

“Is the prince expecting you Performer?” One of them asked.

“No but…” The Red Prince began, but the guard interrupted him.

“Then get out.” The guard ordered.

The Red Prince shook his head. “You don’t understand. It’s really important.” He told the guards.

The second guard pointed his spear at The Red Prince. “He said ‘Get out’.”

The Red Prince merely smiled and motioned Demetrie to follow him. As they were leaving, a voice called after them. The Red Prince and Demetrie turned around. It was Brianna, the most favorite maid of The Prince of Loran. She was known for her voice too. Her voice was so beautiful, and she was so beautiful with her golden hair that hundreds of men asked for her hand in marriage even though she was sixteen.

The Red Prince walked up to her. “Yes Brianna?” He asked her.

“The Prince of Loran wants to see you.” Brianna answered.

The Red Prince frowned. He didn’t make an appointment with The Prince of Loran, but still, he might be able to tell the prince the important news. They followed her through the castle courtyard, passing two men in purple armor with stone wolves’ heads on their chests.

The guards didn’t object to the two Traveling Performers since they were with Brianna. They knew she loved to watch the Traveling Performers.

“It’s a good thing I overheard you.” Brianna said as, they were going through the castle to the throne room. They entered the hallway to the throne room.

“So the prince isn’t expecting us.” The Red Prince asked.

Brianna lowered her head. “No. I made that up so you can enter and tell the prince that important thing. They were at the entrance. Two golden armor men were there. “I’ll lead you in.” Brianna told them. As they entered, The Red Prince and Demetrie finally got to see what the throne room looked like.”

It was very long and very tall. At the end of it, the prince was sitting in his throne. A man was next to the throne. His throne was gold, along with the pillars. The floor, the wall, and the ceilings were the smoothest. The stones for the ceiling, the walls, and the floor were from the dwarves.

The three walked up to the throne. The prince smiled when he saw Brianna. Rumor was that he loved her too. “Yes Brianna?” He asked her.

Brianna pushed back her golden hair into its place before she began. “Your highness. The Red Prince, leader of The Traveling Performers, has something very important to tell you.” She told the prince.

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