The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Fourteen

The Red Prince stepped forward. “Your highness. Three days ago, something remarkable happened. The child of the Green Grass Fox, the one destined to defeat the Fire Prince, began her journey south.” He told the prince.

The Prince of Loran got up and went to the Red Prince. “So the time is coming?” He asked the Red Prince. The Prince of Loran knew of the prophecy.

“Yes. The time to assemble your army to defeat the Fire Prince’s forces has come. The child will need all the help she can get. Even as we speak, there are rumors of the creatures are leaving their homes in the forest, and the dwarves are leaving the mountains. They’re all going to The Green Grass Fox’s Mound. The place has been discovered by the creatures five years after The Green Grass Fox vanished. We must go there.” The Red Prince answered.

The Prince of Loran turned to the man next to the throne. “General Blackthorn.” He said.

The man rushed forward. “Yes your highness?” He asked.

“Prepare the army.” The Prince of Loran ordered him.

General Blackhorn left. The Prince of Loran turned to The Red Prince. “Will you be leading your men with us to war?” He asked him.

The Red Prince smiled. The Traveling Performers had a few warriors among their group. “I’ll lead all my men that can fight.”

The Prince of Loran smiled as well. “Good. We’ll give you as much armor as you want.” He told The Red Prince. The Red Prince bowed and left with Demetrie.

As The Red Prince and Demetrie were leaving, the two men in purple armor and stone wolves’ heads on their chest stepped in their way. It was Vorc and Scar Face. “Well, well, well, if it isn’t the leader of The Traveling performers.” Scar Face said.

The Red Prince stepped forward. “What do you want?” He demanded. They didn't have time for this.

Vorc smiled. “You and The Traveling Performers.” Vorc answered.

The Red Prince drew his sword out. He earned it from beating a mythical creature in a tournament. “Demetrie! Run to the camp and get help!” Demetrie began running to the camp.

Scar Face quickly grabbed Demetrie, by the arm. “I don’t think so.” He said. Vorc stunned The Red Prince with his sword. “Let’s get the rest of The Traveling Performers.” Scar Face said. As they were heading into The Traveling Performer’s camp, the other Traveling Performers were rounded up by thirty Dark Killers.

Scar Face got up onto his horse. He turned to the other Dark Killers. Prepare to move out.” He told them.

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