The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Sixteen

Scar Face, his Dark Killers, and The Traveling Performers appeared. “Stop!” Scar Face shouted when he saw Carver and Tora. He got off his horse and approached the two. “What are you two doing?” He asked, not knowing they were two children.

“Patrolling the border. Then again, why are you questioning The Fire Prince’s soldiers?” Carver asked in a dangerous voice.

Scar Face looked at Carver hard. “I thought the border was down there.” He said suspiciously, jerking his head over the edge.

“No it’s up here.” Tora said, in a deep voice.

Suddenly, one of The Dark Killers gave a shout. “Scar Face! There’s a group going to the fortress from the east!”

Looks like everyone has to know about a group just going to the fortress from the east. Tora thought.

Scar Face looked at the group moving. “Those are the other Dark Killers.” He said.

That’s when he made a discovery. “Warlock isn’t with them.” He turned to Carver and Tora. “You two can help us escort the prisoners to the fortress.” He told them.

“Why should we do what you say?” Carver demanded.

Scar Face got back on his horse. “Only Warlock and The Fire Soldiers are the only ones who can lead Dark Killers into any fire building.” Scar Face answered. "Without Warlock, we need fire soldiers." Tora and Carver got off their horses and tied them to the trees.

As they were heading to the fortress, Tora and Carver began whispering to each other. “Carver, we need to free The Traveling Performers.” Tora said in a quietly voice.

“We will.” Carver assured her. “Just leave it to me.” He would think of a plan.

Scar Face spotted the other Dark Killers. He recognized the one leading them. “Val-Dragon! What are you doing? Where’s Warlock?” He demanded.

Val-Dragon walked up to Scar Face. “Haven’t you heard? Warlock’s dead.” Val-Dragon answered.

Scar Face got off his horse and approached Val-Dragon. “Are you sure? Morgon would hate to hear that her son is dead.” Scar Face warned Val-Dragon.

“One-Eye and I saw The Fire Prince’s oldest son kill him.” Val-Dragon told Scar Face.

Scar Face shuddered at what he was about to say. “We’ll drop off the prisoners here at the fortress, and then go tell Morgon at The Fire Prince’s castle.” Scar Face told The Dark Killers. He was in charge now that Warlock was dead. “We’ll stay here for the night though.” He didn't really want to face Morgon just yet.

When they entered the fortress, Tora saw what type of buildings The Fire Prince liked to build. The stones used to build it were red. The walls were two thousand feet high. On top of the four corners were four tall towers. In the center of the fortress was a tower that went to the sky. On top of the tower was a banner. On the banner was a fiery cobra. Tora looked at Carver.

“My tutor was captured here when we were running away. The fiery cobra is what The Fire Prince likes. He’s as hot as fire when he’s angry so no one can touch him and he’s as sneaky as a snake.” Carver told her. Tora turned towards the front.

“Come on!” Scar Face shouted without even bothering to look over his shoulder.

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