The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Seventeen

Deep in the fortress, Carver and Tora left Scar Face, the Dark Killers, and the Traveling Performers. There were enough fire soldiers there to hide them. They went to an old abandoned room. When Carver closed the door, both he and Tora removed their helmets.

“Where are we?” Tora asked Carver.

Carver looked around. “My old room.” He answered.

“You lived here?” Tora asked, not believing it.

Carver nodded. “Whenever the Fire Prince was very angry, he usually sent me here. Then two years before my younger brother was born, I was sent here with my tutor. I was eight years old.” Carver explained.

“I can see it was easy for you to escape.” Tora said. Suddenly the door opened. Carver and Tora turned around quickly. It was a girl one year younger than Tora. Her eyes were brown and her hair was brown.

“Carver, I thought you were dead.” The girl said.

“No I’ve been in hiding.” Carver told her.

Tora turned to Carver. “You two know each other?” She asked. They obviously did.

Carver smiled. “This is my younger sister: Lisa.” He answered.

Lisa looked at Tora before she turned to Carver. “You took a huge risk coming here. If our father finds out you’ve been here, and that I meet you with out turning you over, we’ll both be killed.” She warned him.

Carver laughed. “You worry too much. Don’t worry. I’m here to help Tora rescue the Traveling Performers and her father.” Lisa stared. “I know its ridicules but Tora is the Green Grass Fox.” Carver explained.

Lisa shook her head. “You probably know better than anyone else what happens to those who go to the dungeons.” She said.

Carver smiled, and then frowned. “Is my tutor, Dr. Napoleon, still here?” He asked.

Lisa laughed. “Yes, though he’s my tutor now.” She replied.

Carver smiled. That was good. “Where is he?” He asked

Lisa looked down. “I was afraid of that question. You see, the Fire Prince was furious that Dr. Napoleon helped you escaped and had him put in the dungeons. I have to go down there with two guards later today.”

Carver smiled mischievously. “That’s how we’ll do it.” Lisa and Tora turned to each other then to him.

“Tora and I will disguise ourselves as your guards. We then go down. I’ll take the soldiers out down there, while you get everyone we want out.”

Lisa took a step towards him. “I’m going with you.” She said.

Carver shook his head and took Lisa’s hand. “No. It will be risky enough with getting everyone we want out. Some of us might die. I don’t want you killed since I’m the one he wants dead in the family.” He told her.

Lisa gave him an angry look. “Then I won’t cover you until this afternoon.” She said.

Carver looked at Tora. She nodded, as to say: we can’t afford her to be our enemy. Carver turned to Lisa. He smiled. She always got him into corners. “You win.”

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