The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Eighteen

At three in the afternoon, Lisa was accompanied by two guards to the prison. The Prison Guard nodded to Lisa and the two guards, noticing the guards were a bit shorter than usual. Still he let them pass. When they got down to the prison, the taller guard took his bow out and drew five arrows from his quiver.

There were five soldiers down there. The first one, a colonel, turned towards the guard. “Put your weapons down.” The colonel ordered.

The guard didn’t move. The colonel moved towards the guard. The guard raised his bow and arrows up. That’s when the soldiers saw that the arrows were pointed at them. Before they could move, the guard let the arrows loose. The five fell down dead.

The guard took his helmet off. It was Carver. He turned to face the gates behind them up the stairs. “Tora, Lisa, get behind the door to the prison.” He told them. After they hid behind the gates, Carver put his helmet back on. “Hey Prison Guard! You forgot to give us the keys to the tutor’s cell.” The guard came downstairs. As the guard came past Carver, Carver hacked his head off. He took the keys from the dead body.

Carver ran to Tora and Lisa. “Let’s go.” He told them.

“Carver?” A voice asked from the end of the prison cells. Carver ran to the end of the prison cells. It was Dr. Napoleon. Carver unlocked the cell. Dr. Napoleon came out. “Carver, what are you doing here? I thought I told you to stay away.” He told Carver.

“I’m here with The Green Grass Foxes daughter.” Carver answered him.

Dr. Napoleon stared at Carver, then to Tora, and then to Lucy. “The child destined to defeat The Fire Prince.” He said, smiling.

Carver, Lisa, and Tora looked at each other, then to Dr. Napoleon. “You know about her?” Carver asked Lisa and Dr. Napoleon.

Lisa shook her head. “All I know is that she’s the daughter of The Green Grass Fox.” She told Carver.

“Of course I know. The Creatures have known about her for years. I have a scroll they wrote on about her.” He answered.

Lisa cleared her throat. “I thought we were looking for some more prisoners?” She asked.

Carver and Tora nodded. Carver then turned to Dr. Napoleon. “Did some of The Fire Soldiers bring a lot of people down here?” Carver asked him.

“As a matter of fact yes.” Dr. Napoleon answered. “One of The Dark Killers was with them. Follow me.” The three followed him to the farthest cells. There were The Traveling Performers.

The Red Prince saw Tora and his face brightened up. “Tora, what are you doing here? Where’s Vagon?” He asked.

Carver gave Tora the keys. As Tora began unlocking the cells, she answered. “I’m here to get you out. Vagon’s dead.”

As The Red Prince came out of the prison cell, he asked, “How did he die?”

Tora giggled a bit. “I’m usually the curious one.” She then frowned. “He was murdered by two Shadow Warriors that were sent by The Fire Prince to capture me.” She answered.

“Than how did you survive?” The Red Prince asked, as Tora went to the next cell. The Traveling Performers that were in The Red Prince’s cell came out as well.

“Carver here saved me from them.” She answered, jerking her head to Carver.

The Red Prince gasped when he saw Carver with Lisa. “I heard about the both of you. You’re both children of The Fire Prince.” He said.

Carver nodded. “We know, but we don’t want to be with him. He tried to kill me.” Carver told him.

“And kicked me out of the castle, sent me here to learn, and make me live here.” Lisa said.

Carver gave The Fire Prince his sword and stepped away from Tora. “Run me through if you don’t trust me.” He told The Red Prince. Tora looked away from the prison doors. Lisa gasped. The Red Prince looked at Tora. She gave him a-we-need-him look. Dr. Napoleon held his breath.

The Red Prince smiled and gave Carver his sword back. “If Tora can trust you with her life and Vagon with his sword, then I can trust you too.” He said. Carver smiled as well and took his sword back. Lisa sighed with relief and hugged her older brother.

Suddenly a voice shouted out, “Someone broke in!”

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