The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Nineteen

Carver turned to Tora. “We need to unlock the last cell now.” He told her, as more Traveling Performers came out. Carver went to the wall in the second cell and shoved two blocks of stone out of the way. A tunnel appeared. “All women, children, and elderly men go through that tunnel. Dr. Napoleon and Lisa will lead you out.” Carver told the Traveling Performers.

As all the Traveling Performers were leaving, Lisa looked to Carver. “Please be safe.” She told him, before leaving.

Tora nodded to him before leaving too. The men that were left, The Red Prince, and Carver turned to the gates. The gates broke down, as Fire Soldiers came pouring in. Carver began using his bow and arrows and began shooting down the soldiers. Soon he ran out of arrows.

The soldiers ran towards the Traveling Performers. Carver began slicing the Fire Soldiers, letting the Traveling Performers grab the dead men’s weapons. Soon everyone was fighting. Carver saw that they were badly outnumbered. “Everyone retreat!” He ordered the Traveling Performers. The Red Prince nodded. They began going through the tunnel. Suddenly the tunnel was sealed up with twelve Traveling Performers still in the prison cells.

The twelve Traveling Performers turned around to see Scar Face and ten other Dark Killers. The ten had cross bows. Scar Face smiled wickedly. “It’s a good thing Morgon taught me that spell.” He said, motioning to the sealed tunnel. He then turned to the ten Dark Killers. “Kill them.” He ordered.

The ten raised their cross bows and pointed them at the Traveling Performers, and fired. The twelve dropped down dead. Scar Face turned to the Fire Soldiers. “Split up into two groups and search around the Fire Fortress. Then get the dead bodies on a cart. The ten Dark Killers and I will deliver them to the Fire Prince.”

The Fire Soldiers took the bodies and left. One-Eye, one of the ten, walked up to Scar Face. “Do you think that the child everyone was in this?” He asked Scar Face.

“I have no doubt. I also believe that Lisa, Carver, and the old man were in on it too.” Scar Face replied.

One-Eye nodded. He knew that Lisa and the old man, the tutor, hated The Fire Prince, like Carver did.

“Should we get Morgon to send more Shadow Warriors to get them?” One-Eye asked.

“No. she should send The Black Riders.” Scar Face answered. One-eye turned very white.

The nine Black Riders were men that were twisted into evil black shadowy servants for Morgon. When they had been twisted into evil black shadowy servants, they had lost their bodies to shadows. They always wore black robes and black cloaks. Where their eyes were supposed to be was blackness. One-Eye, stile white, left with the other nine. Scar Face looked around at the dead bodies then left.

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