The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Two

Lorain, Tora, and Vagon got out of the mound, just as Vorc, Scar Face, and the four other Dark Killers broke in. “Hello Fox. Our Boss wants us to take you to him.” Vorc said.

Scar Face saw a little cradle. “Well, it looks like The Fox has a family.” He told Vorc.

“Where are they?” Vorc demanded. The Green Grass Fox didn’t answer. “Scar Face. Get your knife out. We’ll cut his tongue out.” Vorc ordered.

Scar Face was famous for his knife. He had killed hundreds of people with it. That’s how he became Warlock’s right hand man. Legend was that his father scarred him with the knife, giving him the name Scar Face. The Green Grass Fox took that moment and grabbed his sword. Its hilt was gold, and its’ blade was pure silver.

Vorc took his sword out. “On second thought, Scar Face, hunt down his family.” Scar Face nodded, and left with the rest of the Dark Killers.

Vorc and The Green Grass Fox began fighting. “This hole in the ground really fits a fox like you.” Vorc said.

The Green Grass Fox kicked Vorc’s feet out from underneath him. Vorc fell down. The Green Grass Fox put his sword back in its sheath. “Now for my family.” He said.

Vorc crept for his sword. Just as The Green Grass Fox was about to leave, Vorc stood up and knocked him out. “Let’s see them together.” He told the unconscious man.

Vagon and Lorain were running through the forest. Lorain had Tora with her still, making them a bit slower. “The performer’s main home is close to us.” Vagon told Lorain. The two adults could hear horsemen coming behind them. “They are Dark Killers.” Vagon told her.

Suddenly one of the Dark Killers shouted something. “Flamos!” Fire appeared in front of them. Morgon must be teaching the Dark Killers magic. Vagon thought. The two turned around to face Scar Face and the four Dark Killers.

Scar Face smiled. “Did you honestly think you could out run us?” He asked them, making the other Dark Killers laugh.

Lorain turned to Vagon. “Take the child.” She told him, giving him Tora. Vagon looked at the child, then to Lorain’s face. “Run! I’ll hold them off.” She said.

Vagon held Tora and shouted, “Transportis!”

Lorain looked at Tora and whispered, “Good bye.”

Everyone watched as the baby and the man vanished. Scar Face, who had never failed at a mission before, howled with anger and ran at Lorain. She turned around just as Scar Face sent his knife through her heart. “I’ll find that baby someday and when I do, she’ll die as well.” He told her. Lorain gasped and fell to the ground, dead. Scar Face turned to the four. “Search the forest for them. Now!” The four took their blades out and on their horses went into the grassy parts and began hacking away. Scar Face then heard a horse galloping towards them.

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