The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Twenty

Carver, the remaining men, and the Red Prince went to the women, children, and elderly men.

Tora ran to Carver. “What happened?” She asked when she saw a defeated look in his eyes.

“We lost twelve men.” Carver answered her. The women, children, surviving men and elderly men looked down.

The Red Prince looked at Carver. “We? Those were The Traveling Performer’s men. We should have run instead of staying behind to fight.” He told Carver.

Carver turned to The Red Prince. “If we didn’t fight, all of us would have been killed.”

The Red Prince walked up to Carver. “Those men had families. Now those families have no husbands and no fathers, thanks to you.” He told Carver

Carver shoved the Red Prince away from him. “You agreed to trust me.” He reminded him.

“My first mistake I have made since leading these people. You maybe are able to fool Tora, your sister and the tutor, but you can’t fool me. You just want to use Tora to get your father’s throne!” The Red Prince shouted in an angry voice. A few of The Traveling Performers agreed with him.

“I don’t want my father’s throne right now.” Carver shot back.

“Stop!” A voice screamed. Every one turned to see it was Tora. “You all need to trust Carver. Without him, you all would have probable been killed.” She told them. “Without him, I would have been shared Vagon’s fate.” That’s when she realized what Vagon meant ‘You’re also destined for great things’. He rescued her, the prophecy child, and was going to help her fight the Fire Prince if she had to. Not to mention help her get her father.

The Red Prince looked at Tora then turned back to Carver. “I guess I owe you a debt for saving us. You’re right about we should have fought for time so our group can leave.” He said after a few minutes.

Carver shook his head. “I owe you and The Traveling Performers for the twelve men.”

The Red Prince raised his hand. “We’ll call it even for now. Friends?” He asked Carver.

Carver looked and took his hand. “Friends.” He said.

The Red Prince turned to The Traveling Performers. “We’re heading to The Green Grass Fox’s Mound.” He told them.

Tora and Carver turned to each other, and nodded. “Tora and I will continue our journey south.” Carver told The Red Prince.

“We still need to rescue my father.” Tora explained.

The Red Prince smiled at them. “Then may you have good luck on your quest.” He told them.

“We’ll be back to help win the fight, and hopefully we’ll have The Green Grass Fox. And do take care of my sister and Dr. Napoleon.” Carver told The Red Prince.

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