The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Twenty Two

A few miles away from The Fire Castle, Carver and Tora saw Scar Face and The Dark Killers entering the castle. “They’re sure to tell my father about us, so we’ll have to be careful.” Carver warned Tora.

“How will we get in?” Tora asked. “I mean it will look odd and suspicious if two fire soldiers coming into the castle alone.”

Carver thought hard, then smiled. Your father is in the dungeons. I bet that Scar Face decided to move the dead bodies to the dungeons.” He told her.

“Dead bodies?” Tora asked.

“The twelve Traveling Performers that were killed by The Dark Killers at The Fire Fortress." Carver reminded her. “Anyway, We could make them think there were thirteen dead.” He continued.

“Who would the thirteenth be?” Tora asked.

Carver looked at her. “I could ride in with you lying on my horse acting dead. Then they would let us into the dungeons. We could rescue your father.” Carver finished.

Tora pointed to the gates. Carver looked that way again. Coming from the south was Morgon. She looked happy about something. The guards let her in.

“Let’s go.” Carver told Tora after Morgon had disappeared.

Fifteen minutes later, Carver, in his soldier disguise, went towards the gates on his horse. Tora was lying on the back of the horse, in her Traveling Performers’ clothes.

The two guards at the gates stopped them. “What’s your business here soldier?” One of them asked Carver.

Carver raised a badge up. It was a badge used only by generals. “I just got in from The Fire Fortress, with a dead Traveling Performer.” He answered the guard.

The two guards began laughing. “We heard about that. Everyone here is now saying that Scar Face and those ten Dark Killers are being made into the first lords.” The second guard told Carver.

The first guard poked Tora’s body. “Is this the dead one? It’s a girl.” He asked, in a surprised tone. Carver nodded. The first guard turned towards the gates tower. “Open the gates!” He shouted. He then turned to Carver. “Take her to the dungeons.”

As Carver entered the castle with Tora, they heard someone scream. “My son is dead?!”

Carver recognized the voice. “Morgon just found out about her son.” He whispered to Tora. They turned towards the dungeons to find Morgon in front of Scar Face. Carver noticed that Scar Face was no longer in his old uniform, but in clothes fit for a prince.

Scar Face looked very white though for someone as powerful as he. “One-Eye just told me about it as well.” He told Morgon.

Morgon pointed her fingers at a wall, and it blew up, as she shouted a magic word. “That boy will pay for what he has done!” She shouted at Scar Face.

As she was leaving, Scar Face ran after her. Carver sighed with relief that no one has recognized him yet. Tora moved her fingers just a bit and poked him. “Remember our plan.” She reminded him in a whisper.

Carver shook his head. “Right.” As they were going down the prison stairs, they ran into a man. Carver had to restrain himself from killing the man. Instead he walked up to the man. “I’m to relieve you.” Carver informed him.

The Prison Guard nodded and gave Carver his keys, and left. Carver locked the prison door after The Prison Guard. He then lowered Tora down from the horse.

“Who was that?” Tora asked.

“That was the man I told you about. The one who caught me when I tried to see your father.” Carver answered. Carver opened the three prisons cells. “Come on.” He told Tora.

Tora approached then jumped back. There were the twelve Traveling Performer’s bodies in one cell. In another cell, there was nothing. The third cell had a man in green clothes and short gray hair chained to the wall.

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