The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Twenty Three

Tora ran to the man. “Father!” She shouted. Carver turned around and brought the horse in. He then locked the door.

The Green Grass Fox woke up as Tora hugged him tightly. “Tora?” He asked. Tora, too happy to say anything, nodded. The Green Grass Fox smiled. “You look as lovely as your mother.” He told her.

Tora turned to Carver. “We need to get out my father out of his chains.” She said.

The Green Grass Fox looked at Carver. “Who are you?” He asked him.

“Carver.” Carver answered as he unlocked the chains.

The Green Grass Fox, as soon as he was released, got up. “I celebrated your birthday every year. The Prison Guard thought I was crazy talking to myself.” He told Tora.

Carver went to the wall opposite of the gate. “My ex-father is foolish about one thing.” He told Tora and the Green Grass Fox.

The Green Grass Fox turned to Carver. “Who is your father?” He asked.

“The Fire Prince and he’s my ex-father.” Carver answered.

The Green Grass Fox put his arm protectively around Tora. “Father, Carver is a good guy. He saved me from Shadow Warriors, and he saved the Traveling Performers from the Fire Fortress.” Tora told him.

The Green Grass Fox turned to Tora then back to Carver. “How do we get out?” The Green Grass Fox asked.

Carver pushed a brick into the wall. A door appeared next to the hole. “We’re riding out.” Carver answered. The three got on Carver’s horse, Carver in the front, Tora in the middle, and the Green Grass Fox in the back.

As they were riding through the tunnel, Tora reached into her sack and gave her father something. “I’ve held onto this for a few days.” She told him. The Green Grass Fox looked at what was in his hand. It was his mask. He smiled and put it back on.

As they went out of the castle. Morgon spotted them, from the wall. “So my son’s murderer thinks he can just come and go as he pleases! We’ll see about that!” She shrieked. She turned towards Warlock’s village. “Riders of evil come now and destroy Carver and his friends.”

At Warlock’s village, the air grew very cold. The sun light on the village vanished. The gates opened and nine riders in black came out.

Carver, Tora, and the Green Grass Fox were riding towards The Fire Fortress, when Tora saw the riders. “Oh no.” She cried out.

Carver and the Green Grass Fox turned towards the riders. “We’ll have to head towards the forest.” Carver told the Green Grass Fox.

He turned the horse towards the right and galloped to the forest. The nine riders followed them. Their leader drew his knife out and threw it at them. The blade hit Tora in the shoulder. Tora shouted in pain as the blade vanished into her shoulder.

The Green Grass Fox looked down at Tora. “Carver! Tora has been poisoned! She won’t last long!” The Green Grass Fox shouted. Carver nodded and kicked his heals into the horse’s side to move faster.

As they were approaching the boarder, the Green Grass Fox shouted something. After they entered, arrows appeared, raining on the Black Riders. Two of the Black Riders were shot down. The rest hissed angrily and left.

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