The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Twenty Four

As Carver, Tora, and the Green Grass Fox entered the forest, ten tall men came out. Tora saw that they had pointed ears. They’re elves. She thought to herself.

The elf closest to them said something to the other elves. The nine other elves took out bow and arrows, and began shooting at the Black Riders. A few minutes later, one of the elves said, “We took down two of them. The rest got away.”

I hope one of the two was the one with the knife. Tora thought. Her father began saying something, but she fell unconscious.

The Green Grass Fox and Carver got off the horse. As Carver went to Tora, he saw she was unconscious. The first elf turned from the Green Grass Fox to Carver. “If she has been poisoned, you must lower her down gently and carefully.” The elf said. He then turned to two of the elves behind him. “Get her off the horse.” He told them.

The elf then turned back to Carver and the Green Grass Fox. “You two are to follow me.” He told them.

The Green Grass Fox smiled. “You still don’t recognize me after you last saw me ten years ago before I was captured, do you Waydro?”

Waydro starred at him. “You’re the Green Grass Fox if what you say is true.” He told the Green Grass Fox.

“Yes, your sister’s husband.” The Green Grass Fox reminded the elf.

Carver looked at them. “You’re married to an elf?” He asked. Humans and other creatures rarely got married. The Green Grass Fox looked down. “Was, I was married to an elf.” He answered.

Waydro looked at him. “What happened to my sister, Lorain?” He asked.

The Green Grass Fox looked towards Waydro. “I don’t know. She ran away with Vagon ten years ago before I was captured. Tora could possibly tell you after she wakes up.” The Green Grass Fox answered.

Waydro turned to Carver. “Who are you?’ He asked him.

“Carver, ex-son of the Fire Prince, rescuer of the Traveling Performers, the Green Grass Fox, and Tora.” Carver answered.

Waydro and the seven other elves drew their swords out. “You’re the Fire Prince’s son?” He asked.

Carver shook his head no. “Ex-son. He tried to kill me.” He told Waydro.

“We’ll take you to the leaders, after Tora gets better. Until then, you’ll be put under constant watch.” Waydro told Carver.

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