The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Twenty Six

Later that night, at The Fire Prince’s castle, The Fire Prince was with his armies, next to his horses. “Ten thousand soldiers, eight hundred cavalry horsemen, two hundred archers, and eleven lords.” He counted, He then turned to Morgon. “I thought you said Dracon was joining us.”

Before Morgon could answer, someone shouted in the back, “Forces are coming from the south.” The Fire Prince got on his horse and rode to the back.

It was Burzaca and three hundred Zurons. Burzaca knelt before The Fire Prince. “Greetings from my master. He wishes for you to know that he’ll be joining you with five thousand Zurons tomorrow.”

The Fire Prince smiled. “Well at least Dracon is keeping his word. With his army combined with mine, we should be able to conquer the three enemies.” The Fire Prince rode to the front of the armies. “We now move out to The Fire Fortress!” He shouted to them. Everyone began moving.

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