The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Twenty Seven

The next day, at the forest, Tora had recovered. Carver, in his regular black clothes and cloak, and the Green Grass Fox were practicing fighting each other, when Waydro approached them. “Tora is well enough to go to the army camp. We’re leaving in a few minutes.” He informed them. Carver and the Green Grass Fox sheathed their swords and followed him.

When they got to Tora, Carver and the Green Grass Fox ran ahead to her. As soon as Carver had reached her, he hugged her. “We were worried about you.” He told Tora.

He then let go of her, blushing. Tora was blushing as well. The Green Grass Fox hugged her next. That’s when Carver realized she was in her red dress that he had first seen her in and her belt that had her knife and her diamond bottle. She was still in a pair of fire uniform shoes.

Waydro made them turn to him. “When we get there, you are all to stay silent. You are allowed to smile and wave. When we get to the leaders, I will do the talking, except when you’re talked to.” He told them. He had Tora in the center, with Carver on her left and the Green Grass Fox on her right.

As they were going towards the Green Grass Fox’s Mound, the three saw the Traveling Performers tents at the edge of the camp. One of the Traveling Performers shouted to the others to come. Soon all the Traveling Performers were assembled, except for the Red Prince. As the three were leaving the Traveling Performer’s camp, a lot of them began following them. Tora saw that Demetrie was one of them.

As they went deeper into the camp, the three saw dwarves, creatures like elves, fauns, and minotaurs, and other type of creatures. Tora turned to Carver and saw that he was just looking forward. She turned to her father and saw he had put his mask on, for quite a few of the creatures and dwarves were looking at him. Some were whispering. Others were cheering.

That’s when Tora realized that they had entered the human’s part of the camp. She then realized that hundreds of the surrounding creatures and humans were looking at her. She began blushing with all those eyes on her. Waydro told them to stop. Tora looked forward to see that in front of them were two large tents. On top of them were four banners. Three of them were representing the three separate kingdoms. The fourth one was a golden lion surrounded by red.

There was a rustle behind Tora, Carver, and The Green Grass Fox. The three turned to see everyone on one knee, except for the centaurs that had to bow at the waist. All three turned to the main two tents, and saw a few people came out. The first one was a man three feet tall. The Dwarf King. Tora thought. The second was a tall woman with pointed ears. The creatures’ Queen. A younger Elvin girl came. Her daughter. The last few was The Prince of Loran, a sixteen year old girl, The Red Prince, Lisa and Dr. Napoleon.

Tora, The Green Grass Fox, and Carver knelt on one knee to the nine.

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