The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Twenty Eight

The Red Prince looked to the other eight. “Shall I?” He asked. The eight looked at each other and nodded. The Red Prince walked up to the three. “Rise Tora, chosen one.” Tora rose up. The Red Prince turned to the Green Grass Fox. “Rise Green Grass Fox. famous robber and father to the chosen one.” The Green Grass Fox rose up.

The Red Prince then turned to Carver. “Rise Carver, ex-son of The Fire Prince, rescuer of The Traveling Performers, The Green Grass Fox, Tora, and Shadow Warrior slayer.”

As Carver was rising, there were whispers and looks of horrors at him. Some of the dwarves ran at him. Only a look from The Dwarf King stopped them. The eight turned to Carver.

The Dwarf King stepped towards him. “You’re the ex-son of the Fire Prince? Why ex-son?” He asked Carver.

Carver looked around then answered. “Four years ago, The Fire Prince’s wife had a second son. He wanted my younger brother to be king. I barely escaped. Ask Dr. Napoleon and Lisa.”

The Dwarf King turned to Lisa and Dr. Napoleon, who nodded in agreement. A dwarf stepped forward. “We should kill him any ways. He could be a spy.” A few of the dwarves agreed with him.

The Dwarf King stared at them. “Anyone that’s an enemy of the Fire Prince is welcome here.” He told the dwarves.

The dwarf stepped back. The Queen stepped forward. “Take Tora to her tent. Take her father to his too.” She told her daughter. The elf girl nodded and beckoned to the two. The Queen then turned to the crowd. “You need to get back to work.” She told them. As the leaders were going to the first tent, rhe Dwarf King went to the second tent. The Prince of Loran went away from the other leaders and approached Carver. “The Dwarf King, King Diniad, wants to see you. Be careful with him. He can get very angry quickly.”

Carver approached the second tent. As he entered it, he saw that The Dwarf King was at a large circular table with nine chairs around it. King Diniad was at one of the chairs. “Well come on.” King Diniad told Carver.

Carver came to the table and sat down in the chair across from The Dwarf King. “This tent is used for the leaders and assistants when we discuss battle plans, and to talk to people like you. People that can cause trouble without meaning to.” The Dwarf King explained. “I want you to tell me the entire story of your life.”

As Carver began, he started with how his father had celebrated the Green Grass Fox, how Morgon made a enchanted whip to whip him with when he tried to visit the Green Grass Fox. He then began with how he had met Dr. Napoleon. How he learned that the Fire Prince was evil when he tried to kill him, when his younger brother was born. He then concluded with how he had met Tora rescued the Traveling Performers, and the Green Grass Fox.

When it was over, King Diniad leaned forward in his chairs. “Out of all the stories I’ve heard of, yours is the most interesting one.” He then took off his ring. “Take my ring, but know this. If you take my ring, you’ll be treated as if you were in my family. You will be able to be at our conferences, and if you wanted to, be buried with us. It is a rare honor.” He told Carver.

Carver took the ring. “Won’t you miss it?” He asked.

“No. I have many rings made from our mountains.” King Diniad replied.

As Carver put the ring on, a thought came to him. “Who was that dwarf that wanted to kill me?” Carver asked.

“That dwarf was Jouer. He’s a black dwarf.: King Diniad answered. Carver knew that the Dwarf King was referring to the color of Jouer's beard. A dwarf's beard was what gave a dwarf identity. "And all black dwarves hate anyone who is related to the Fire Prince. We red dwarves are different. Any enemy to the Fire Prince is our ally. And to answer your question about red and black dwarves, even though you haven’t asked it yet, is the beards. Now how about your tent?” He asked Carver.

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