The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Three

Scar Face turned around to see Vorc on his horse. The Green Grass Fox was lying on the horses’ back behind Vorc. Vorc got off and saw the dead woman. “His wife. Where is the baby?” He asked Scar Face.

“The baby is gone and so is her new guardian. He must be a magician.” Scar Face said.

“We don’t want to mess up the relationship between you and the boss, so we’ll just say he was alone.” Vorc said. “Get rid of the body.”

Scar Face turned to the body, and muttered, “Flamos.”

Outside The Traveling Performers, there was a large blast of light. The doors opened to reveal the sound of performers shouting, singing and impressing others with tricks. The Red Prince, a man who wore red all the time, rushed out. He wasn’t really a prince, but he was the leader of the Traveling Performers, so they called him a prince.

Vagon appeared holding Tora. “What happened?” The Red Prince asked Vagon.

“The baby’s parents been killed or capture by The Fire Prince.” Vagon answered.

“Who are its parents?” The Red Prince asked.

Vagon looked at the child, then to The Red Prince. “The Green Grass Fox and Lorain.” He answered.

The Red Prince gasped. “Then The Green Grass Fox is gone?” He asked.

Vagon nodded. “We’ll live with the Traveling Performers now. The child has no where else to go, except for Loran village, but no one there would want her.”

The Red Prince looked at the baby. “What about the dwarves or the creatures?” He asked.

Vagon shook his head. “The dwarves would be too busy, and the creatures wouldn’t be the best choice of living with.” Then in a firmer voice, he said. “The child will stay here.” The Red Prince nodded and took them inside.

Down at Fire Prince’s castle, Warlock and the six Dark Killers delivered The Green Grass Fox in chains to The Fire Prince. The Fire Prince began laughing. “So, the most famous robber thought he was invincible. Tie him up and throw him in the dungeons.” He ordered his guards.

The Fire Prince had a great feast in honor of the capture of T he Green Grass Fox. Suddenly, in all the celebrating, there was a flash of lighting, as Morgon, Warlock’s mother, and The Fire Prince’s sorceress, appeared. Her hair was gray. She wore a dress of black. “My son’s men, Vorc and Scar Face, lied to him and to you, your highness. The Green Grass Fox has a family. His wife, they killed, but his daughter is still alive.” She told The Fire Prince.

Every one in the hall fell silent. The Fire Prince, despite the fact he was very old, turned very red. It looked like there was fire in his face. “The Fox has a daughter! Morgon, you’re a crazy old woman! Warlock’s men would have brought his family to me.” He said before he started laughing.

Everyone, but Warlock and his men, began laughing with The Fire Prince. Warlock and his men knew not to laugh at Morgon. She had killed one of Warlocks men for laughing at her.

Morgon got really mad. People had never laughed at her since she killed one of Warlocks men. People were to fear her. “Fine! Laugh if you want, but you’ll be sorry one day.” She said in an angry voice. Every one watched as she went to the center of the hall. “Vanisho!” She said in a loud voice. Clouds of black appeared at her feet. It swirled around her. When it vanished, she was gone too.

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