The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Twenty Nine

At Tora’s tent, Tora was leaving her tent. She had changed from her old dress and was now wearing a dark green dress. She was approaching the mound when she saw the Queen’s daughter approaching her. As the elf girl stopped in front of her, Tora stopped walking.

“You’re Tora, right?” The elf girl asked. Tora nodded. “May I walk with you?” The elf asked.

“Who are you?” Tora asked.

“I’m Nectar. Daughter of The Queen Lydia.” Tora, now knowing who this was, answered yes to Nectar’s question. As the two girls were walking to the mound, Nectar turned to Tora.

“So you met your Uncle Waydro?” She asked Tora.

“Who’s Waydro?” Tora asked her.

“The elf that brought you here. He’s your uncle.” Nectar answered.

“I don’t have any relatives related to the elves.” Tora told Nectar.

Nectar laughed. “Your mother was an elf. Haven’t you ever wondered why your ears are slightly pointed like ours? That’s why?” Nectar explained.

“My mother is dead. She was killed by Dark Killers. Vagon told me that.” Tora told her.

Nectar looked away. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know.” She then turned back to Tora. “What else did Vagon tell you?” She asked.

“He said that my tears will heal any wounds, but that it will work only on the one I’m destined to fall in love with.” Tora answered.

“He’s wrong about that.” A voice told them. The two girls turned around to see Queen Lydia approaching them. “Your tears can heal any wound, but not only on the one you’re destined to fall in love with. They can heal any wound on anyone.”

That meant I could have saved Vagon. Tora thought. “Your highness.” Tora said curtsying.

The Queen looked at her. “You do look like your mother.” The Queen told her.

“You knew my mother?” Tora asked.

“Yes. She was a good friend of mine.” The Queen answered. “Where are you two going?” “To see the place were I was born.” Tora answered.

The Queen smiled. “I’ve gone into it. It looks like the way I imagined it from all the tales I’ve heard and read.” A creature, a centaur, ran to her, and whispered something into her ear.

“I must go. The council is meeting together.” The Queen began leaving, when she turned to Nectar. “Do you have your horn?” Nectar nodded and lifted her horn from her belt. The Queen smiled and left. Tora and Nectar turned back towards the Green Grass Fox’s Mound. The place she had not seen in ten years.

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