The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Thirty

Back at The Fire Prince’s Fortress, The Fire Prince was with the eleven new Lords: Lord Scar Face, Lord Charles, Lord One-Eye, Lord Akator, Lord Gazelle, Lord Stanford, Lord Oxan, Lord Vorc, Lord Mordon, and Lord Olaf. They were in The Fire Prince’s council room, at a table “We should attack now.” Lord Akator was saying. “Every minute we wait for Dracon, the enemy grows stronger.”

Oxan leaned forward. “You forget that Morgon can create Shadow Warriors. We can simply summon them to help us.” He told Akator.

“You forget Oxan, that The Shadow Warriors would have to be improved to survive the sunlight. Or else they would be destroyed by it’s light. That’s their only weakness.” Scar Face reminded Oxan.

The Fire Prince leaned back in his chair. “Let’s simply summon Morgon here.” He told the Lords. “Morgon!” He shouted.

Black clouds appeared on the ground before him, and Morgon rose from them. “Yes your highness?” She asked.

“We need to know if you can create Shadow Warriors that can survive the sun light.” He told her.

“It will require a man to give up his life. I’ll need that man’s blood.” Morgon answered him.

The Fire Prince turned to Akator. “I need you to bring me one of the Fire Fortress’s guards.” He told him. Akator nodded and left. “Morgon, you’ll do the spell right now.” The Fire Prince ordered her.

Suddenly a soldier burst into the room. “Seven riders are approaching from the east. The land around them is pure dark.” He told the Fire Prince.

Akator returned with a guard. “Morgon, take this man and leave.” The Fire Prince told her. Morgon turned to the guard. “Come on.” She told him. She left with the man who looked very scared to be with her.

The Fire Prince and the eleven Lords went to the east gates. “Open the gates.” He ordered the Gates Keeper. The Gate Keeper opened the gates and the riders rode in. The sky turned black over The fortress. “Who are you?” The Fire Prince demanded them.

The leader, the one who had sent the poisonous knife into Tora’s shoulder, stepped off his horse. “We are the seven Black Riders.” He answered the Fire Prince.

The Fire Prince looked at him. “I thought there were nine of you?” He asked him, after a few minutes.

“There were nine of us, but the enemy shot down two of us, while we were trying to kill Tora.” The leader answered.

At that moment, Burzaca ran to the Fire Prince. “Dracon and his forces are coming here now.” He informed him.

The Fire Prince turned to Burzaca, then back to the seven Black Riders. “Report to Morgon.” He ordered the seven. He then went to the south gates.

As the Fire Prince approached the south gates, the Gate Keeper there called him up to the gates room. As the Fire Prince went up the stairs next to the gates, he saw that the Gates Keeper’s face was white. When he got to the top, he saw why. To the south he saw thousands and thousands of Zurons. At their lead, was Dracon. He was in white armor. On his chest plate was a black dragon, the personal crest of his family.

As the Fire Prince ran down the stairs, he shouted up to T\the Gates Keeper again. “Open up the gates!” As the gates were opening, Dracon came in. “Dracon. Send your soldiers to the front of the fortress. You are to come with me.” The Fire Prince ordered.

“Of course your highness.” Dracon said. He then turned to the Zuron next to him. “Have all our forces go to the front of the fortress.” He ordered him. The Zuron nodded and left.

“We need to rejoin the eleven Lords.” The Fire Prince told him.

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