The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Thirty One

The Black Riders went to Morgon. Morgon turned from the pot in front of her. A dead man was lying next to the pot. “Where are the other two riders?” She asked their leader.

The Black Rider Leader got off his horse and approached her. “We were chasing Carver and his friends, when they entered the forest. I managed to poison one of them before they got in. Arrows began appearing from the forest and shot down two of us. We then retreated.” He answered her.

Morgon walked up to him. “Take two of your riders. Go back to the forest. Then go through the small canal to the child’s tent. The one they call Tora. Then kill her.” She ordered him.

“We don’t even know what she looks like. We don’t even know which tent along the canal is hers.” The Black Rider Leader informed her.

Morgon went back to the pot, leaned down, and picked something that was next to her. When she leaned back up, the Black Riders saw what was in her hands. It was a silvery orb. It looked like Dracon’s orb, only it wasn’t crystal, and it was a bit smaller. “Show us the girl.” Morgon told it.

The orb began glowing. It then began showing Tora and her tent. “That is the girl you’re to kill.” Morgon told the Black Rider Leader.

The Black Rider Leader looked at the orb, then to the two Black Riders closest to him. “You two are to come with me.” He told them. He then got back on his horse, and the three left.

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