The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Thirty Two

At Tora’s tent, Tora and Nectar were returning from the Green Grass Fox’s Mound. They had run into Tora’s father and had gone with him to the mound, but as they were leaving, the Green Grass Fox stayed behind. Nectar turned to Tora. “Was the Green Grass Fox’s Mound the way you imagined it to be?” She asked Tora.

“I actually was never told about this place. I first heard about it when Vagon told me about my father. That was before I knew about my destiny.” Tora admitted.

A little while away, Carver was standing on a hill near the Green Grass Fox’s’ Mound, looking at the camp, when he heard someone coming up behind him. He turned around quickly, drawing out his sword. It was a dwarf with a red beard. “Are you a friend or foe to me?” Carver asked him.

The dwarf began chuckling. “Don’t worry. I mean you no harm.” The dwarf told Carver.

Carver didn’t put his sword away. “Who are you?” He asked the dwarf.

“I’m Jorith, second commander to King Diniad.” Jorith answered. Carver began putting his sword away slowly. As he was doing that, Jorith saw the ring that King Diniad gave him on his finger. “I guess the king trusts you. Now no dwarf can hurt you without angering the king."

Jorith then went up to Carver. “Look at all the people that want to fight The Fire Prince. None of that would happen if it weren’t for Tora. Or you for that matter.” Jorith said.

Carver turned around and looked at the camp again. “The reason I came looking for you is that there is someone here that really wants to see you.” Jorith told Carver. “Follow me.”

Jorith led Carver into a part of the camp where all the creatures were. “Who are you taking me to see?” Carver asked Jorith.

Jorith began chuckling again. “You’ll have to wait to see.” He answered.

Suddenly a family approached the two. It was a mother and her daughter. “Go on.” The mother told her daughter. Carver noticed that the girl was two years younger then Tora. The girl approached him.

“Yes?” Carver asked her gently. “I want to be like you.” The girl told him.

Carver smiled at that. “What’s your name?” He asked her.

“Lily.” Lily answered.

Carver looked at the mother then back to Lily. “Is your mother the only one you have as family?” Lily nodded. Carver looked at Lily right in the eyes. “You do realize that I always been a warrior?” Lily nodded again.

Carver smiled and took something from his belt. It was a tiny knife. “This was my first weapon that I learned to use. I was told it contained good luck. It was always good luck for me.” He told her. He then gave her the knife. “I think you should be the one to have the good luck it can give. Just don’t use it for dangerous things.” He told her. He then placed it in Lily’s hands.

“Lily. One more thing for you.” Carver placed his hand on Lily’s’ forehead. “May you be at a safe spot were ever there’s disaster, and let you be shielded from disaster.” He told her.

Lily smiled and went to her mother. “Thank you Prince Carver.” Lily said. Her mother nodded and the two left.

Jorith poked Carver on the arm. “I believe I was taking you to a person that really needs to see you.” He told Carver.

A few minutes later, they were at a tent. As the entered Carver saw there was an elf in the tent making a sword. “That is Androth. One of the many blacksmiths for The Creatures.” Jorith told Carver.

Androth wiped his hands on his apron, and smiled at Carver, as he went up to him. “I heard you’re carrying the sword of Vagon, am I right?” He asked Carver. Carver nodded yes. “May I see the sword?”

Back at Tora’s tent, Tora and Nectar were splashing each other getting their clothes wet. “Let’s get out of the water. I’m soaked.” Tora told Nectar after a few minutes. As they were getting out, the two girls heard strange hissing coming from behind them. They turned around to see three Black Riders. All three were starring at Tora with black gaps were their eyes were suppose to be. Tora turned towards her tent and saw a tall tree. She turned to Nectar and jerked her head to the tree. Nectar nodded in agreement. As the two girls began running to the tree, Nectar grabbed her horn and blew into it.

At Androth’s tent, Androth, Carver, and Jorith heard a horn blowing. “That’s Nectar’s horn. She must be in trouble.” Androth told them. Carver realized that even though he didn’t know any Nectar, it came from where Tora was taken to.

At Tora’s tent, Tora and Nectar were up in the tree. The three Black Riders had gotten off their horses and had begun hacking at the tree. “Get away from them!” A voice shouted from behind them. The three Black Riders and the two girls turned to the source of the voice. It was Carver.

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