The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Thirty Three

The three Black Riders hissed at Carver. Some of The Creatures, The Traveling Performers, and the leaders ran to Carver. As they drew their weapons, a voice told them to stop. It was The Green Grass Fox.

“Those are dangerous warriors. No one can defeat them alone. And they have your daughter up in a tree.” The Red Prince told him.

“We move in only if it goes badly for Carver. This will really prove if he’s trust worthy.” The Green Grass Fox told him.

The Black Rider Leader motioned to the other two Black Riders to move in. “You don’t stand a chance against the three of us.” He told Carver.

Carver took his sword from its sheath and raised it up. “We’ll see about that.” He told The Black Rider. The Black Rider turned to the other Black Riders and nodded.

The two Black Riders moved in on Carver. Carver turned to the left and pointed his sword right at The Black Rider. The Black Rider screamed as he ran right into the sword. Carver yanked his sword out of the body and let it collapsed. He then spun around and sliced the other Black Rider on the chest. The Black Rider fell to the ground, dead. The last Black Rider charged at Carver.

“Watch out!” Tora cried to him. Carver turned in time to see The Black Rider coming at him.

The Black Rider took out his sword and sliced at Carver. Carver raised his blade and deflected the blow. He then thrust his blade at him. The Black Rider jumped out of the way and picked up one of hid dead companions blade. He then began attacking Carver. Carver ran to the tree and grabbed Tora’s shield. He then threw it at The Black Rider. The Black Rider tried to get out of the way, but the shield took second sword out of his hand.

The Black Rider hissed in anger and ran to his horse. He turned to Carver while he got on his horse. “You’ll pay for this.” He told Carver. He then rode away. Tora and Nectar jumped down from the tree.

Tora ran to Carver and hugged him. “Are you all right?” She asked him.

“Yes, and are you all right?” Carver asked her.

“Yes.” Tora replied Neither of them saw that Demetrie was watching them there.

Later that day, Tora was going into The Traveling Performer’s part of the camp, when Demetrie came up to her. “So who was that boy who had rescued you earlier?” He asked her.

“What do you mean?” Tora asked. Wasn't Demetrie there to see Carver when they had gone through the camp?

“That boy who rescued you and had joined with you on your quest.” Demetrie told her.

“He’s someone who joined me and helped me on my quest.” Tora answered.

“Do you like him?” Demetrie asked her.

“Well as a friend, yes.” Tora answered him. She didn't like where this was going.

“I mean do you love him?” Demetrie asked.

Tora looked into Demetrie’s eyes just like she did to Carver, but instead of honesty, she saw jealously. “Yes.” She admitted, looking down.

Demetrie exploded with anger. “I don’t believe it! I’ve love you since I first met you and yet you’re in love with the son of the man we’re trying to defeat! I’ve known you since you were a baby. “That’s longer then you knew him!” Demetrie shouted at her.

Tora looked at him. “I know, but I fell in love with him on our journey. And besides, you owe him your life and so do I.” She told Demetrie.

Demetrie shook his head. “I would have been able to rescued The Traveling Performers.” He told her.

“Demetrie.” Tora began saying, but Demetrie interrupted her.

“No. If this is your choice, then I’m out of here.” Demetrie told her. He then ran off.

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