The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Thirty Four

The Red Prince was with The Green Grass Fox in The Red Prince’s tent catching up on the past ten years when Tora came in. The two men turned to her.

“Tora, what is it?” The Red Prince asked, motioning to a third seat. Tora sat down in the seat and told them what happened between Demetrie and her.

The Red Prince sighed after Tora finished her story. “Demetrie would probably do that if the one he loved would not love him.”

The Green Grass Fox leaned toward Tora. “Which way did Demetrie run?” He asked her.

“He ran south.” Tora answered. “Right out of the camp.” The two men looked at each other. “He might be going to The Fire Prince.” Tora said quietly.

The two men looked at her. “Why do you say that?” The Red Prince asked her.

“If he hates Carver for being the rescuer of mine he might just go The Fire Prince.” Tora told them.

Later that day, at The Fire Fortress, The Fire Prince was with the thirteen lords, at his tower, when a soldier ran to him. “Your highness. There’s a boy coming here.” The soldier told The Fire Prince.

The Fire Prince leaned back in his chair. “Let him come up here.” He told the soldier.

Demetrie came in a few minutes later with the soldier. One of the lords stood up “That’s a Traveling Performer.” He said.

The Fire Prince looked at the lord then back to Demetrie. “Why are you here?” He asked him.

“You and I have a common enemy.” Demetrie said, getting on one knee.

“Who?” The Fire Prince asked.

Demetrie looked up. “Your son, Carver.” He answered.

The Fire Prince stood up. “You know where my son is?” He asked Demetrie.

Demetrie stood up. “He’s with the creatures and humans that are against you.” He answered.

“Is that all?” The Fire Prince asked.

“No. The Green Grass Fox’s daughter is in love with him.” Demetrie replied.

The Fire Prince began laughing. “Boy what is your name?” He asked when he was done laughing.

“Demetrie.” Demetrie answered.

“Well Demetrie. I have a gift for you.” The Red Prince turned to the soldier. “Bring it.” The soldier bowed and left. The Fire Prince turned back to Demetrie. “When I first saw you, you look like some one I knew and now I know why.” The Fire Prince told Demetrie.

“What do you mean?” Demetrie asked.

The Fire Prince smiled. “Did that man, the one you called The Red Prince, did he ever tell you who your father was?” He asked Demetrie.

“No. He just said that my mother gave me to them when I was born.” Demetrie answered.

“I’m guessing the reason she didn’t tell The Red Prince was that your father was the greatest warrior of the darkness: Zarne” The Fire Prince told Demetrie.

Demetrie gasped. He once heard that before The Fire Prince had Warlock and The Dark Killers, he had a swordsman as his second hand man, his most trusted man. And that man was called Zarne.

“My father is Zarne?” Demetrie asked. The idea that his mother married the second hand man to The Fire Prince was a shock. And that Zarne had supposedly died the year he was born, though no one had found his remains.

The soldier returned with a long small box. The Fire Prince took it and gave it to Demetrie. “Open it.” He told Demetrie.

Demetrie opened it. Inside was a crimson red sheath that contained a sword. The hilt of the sword was crimson as well and a hand in a half long. The blade was three feet long. On the end of the hilt was a red jewel. “This was your father’s sword.” The Fire Prince told him.

Demetrie took the sheath and the sword out of the box and took the sword out of the sheath. “Are you sure my father was Zarne?” He asked The Fire Prince.

“Look at the blade.” The Fire Prince told him.

Demetrie looked at the blade. On it was an inscription that read: Zarne, son of Sloane. Sloane was Demetrie’s grandfather. Demetrie knew that The Fire Prince could tell him all he could about Zarne's past.

"Do you believe me now?” The Fire Prince asked.

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