The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Thirty Five

In The Fire Prince’s room, Demetrie was left alone as The Fire Prince and the thirteen lords left the room. A few minutes later, a servant came in with armor. “Your father’s armor sir.” The servant said, before leaving. Demetrie noticed that the armor was the same color as his sword. He began putting the armor on.

As he was putting the armor on, The Fire Prince came in. “You’ll be more powerful then your father.” He told Demetrie.

Demetrie looked at him. “How?” He asked.

The Fire Prince nodded to the sword next to Demetrie. “The jewel on the hilt has the powers to let you store energy in it. You can keep doing that till you become too weak. Then you just rest and let your body recharge.” He answered. Soon Demetrie was done putting his armor on.

“Come with me.” The Fire Prince told him. Demetrie followed The Fire Prince to a balcony that faced the north. As Demetrie went to the edge of the balcony, he saw thousands and thousands of soldiers. Towards the center of the crowd was the cavalry. “Warriors of Dracon and The Fire Prince! Our victory against the enemy will be soon. The enemy will be wiped out and we’ll take their land.” The Fire Prince announced. A large cheer went up.

The Fire Prince turned to Demetrie. “Ride to the enemy leaders and tell them the war is tomorrow.” He ordered him.

“Yes your highness.” Demetrie said. He left the tower and went to the stable. A horse was there with a red saddle along with the servant that had delivered his armor.

“This is your new horse.” The servant told him. Demetrie got on the horse and left.

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