The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Thirty Six

At The Green Grass Fox’s Mound, Tora was looking at an old painting on the wall. In it was a man dressed in green and a fox next to him fighting ten creatures that looked like humans but weren’t with an animal on their chest.

“You’re wondering who that was, aren’t you?” A voice asked behind her. Tora turned around and saw Lisa and Dr. Napoleon.

“Yes I was.” Tora admitted.

“That painting explains how The Green Grass Fox began. The story is a thousand years old. It says there was a beast war. The evil leader was called Vordor. He was The Black Dragon. He had ten generals called the legend beasts. All the creatures who wanted to be free followed a man.” Dr. Napoleon answered.

“What happened?” Tora asked.

“The generals, when they were still humans made a spell that turned all the animals into animal warriors. The generals and Vordor became animal warriors as well. The only one free of this spell was a fox. It joined the man and defeated the dark leader. The dark leader’s forces vanished into their fortress, never to be heard from again.” Lisa told her.

“How did one man and an animal defeat an entire army?” Tora asked.

Dr. Napoleon smiled. “That is the most interesting part. They sealed him away into The first Green Grass Fox’s knife, the knife that you possess now. That is why it is so powerful. But if the knife was to be broken, he would be free, and would begin his chaos again.” He answered.

Tora looked at the knife. “So that’s why it’s called Invincible.” She said.

The tutor nodded. “Does anyone else use this magic?” She asked Dr. Napoleon.

“Only Morgon has the largest knowledge of magic. It has been a long time since people used the language. It had practically vanished when Morgon began using it, or at least her master Dracon.” He answered.

“Who is Dracon?” Tora asked. Lisa even looked curious.

“Dracon is a dark wizard. He is well over his age. He has immortality unless he’s killed.” Dr. Napoleon answered.

A dwarf ran to them. It was Jorith. “There is a messenger from the enemy. The Red Prince said that Tora will be able to recognize the messenger.” Jorith told them.

Tora looked at the three and ran outside. She kept running until she had reached the two tents. When she got there she saw that all The Traveling Performers were giving the messenger a dirty look and that the leaders were looking at him.

Tora looked at the messenger and gasped. “The Fire Prince decided that he’ll attack tomorrow.” Demetrie announced from his horse. Sitting on a horse in red armor and a red sword attached to his belt, it was clear where his allegiance was. The leaders, including The Green Grass Fox and Nectar, turned to each other.

Finally, the Queen turned to Demetrie. “We will talk about this in our chamber.” She told him. The eight then went into the tent; the one Carver did not go into, leaving everyone’s presence. While they were in the tent, Tora ran to Carver, who was with Lisa, who had run to him already. King Diniad came out and called Dr. Napoleon to come into the tent.

“Why do you think he betrayed us?” Lisa asked the Carver and Tora, when Tora had joined them.

“He hates Carver for rescuing me. He wanted to rescue me.” Tora answered, not mentioning that he hated Carver because she loves him.

Carver looked at Demetrie. “You can bet he told The Fire Prince everything.” He told the two girls. At that moment, the leaders came out.

The Dwarf King stepped towards Demetrie. “Tell your master that we agree to have war with him. At the border of Loran and The Fire Lands.” King Diniad told Demetrie.

Demetrie nodded and left.

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