The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Thirty Seven

After Demetrie left, The leaders turned to all the creatures, the dwarves, and the people. “All men, male creatures, and male dwarves are to get ready for war. All boys between fifteen and twenty years of age are to get ready to escort Tora and to keep her safe. All women and other children are to go to Loran.” The Prince of Loran announced.

As the leaders went back to the tent, Carver and Tora ran through the crowd to the tents and ran into the tent. “I want to help lead the war. This is my father and his armies we’re getting ready to fight.” Carver told them.

The leaders looked at him. “The reason that your father is attacking us makes it more dangerous for you.” The Red Prince told him.

Carver smiled as an idea came into his head. “There’s information you need. But I won’t tell you unless you let me come fight him.”

The leaders looked at each other then back at Carver. “You win. Now what is this information?” The Queen asked.

“My father has probably gotten Dracon, the wizard, and his armies into his forces. It will be harder for us to defeat The Fire Prince. Also I know the exact number of forces The Fire Prince has alone.” Carver told them.

The leaders turned to Tora. “Tora. Why are you here as well?” The Red Prince asked her.

“I want to stay here and fight as well. I’m also the one in the prophecy that is destined to defeat The Fire Prince.”

The leaders turned to The Green Grass Fox. “Tora! You are to stay with your escorts. I lost your mother and my best friend. I nearly lost you. I don’t want that to happen again.” The Green Grass Fox told her.

“I can do with the escort, but I want to fight.” Tora said.

The Queen smiled and turned to The Green Grass Fox. “She’s as stubborn as you.” She told. She then turned back to Carver and Tora. “Carver will lead with us. Tora, you will be with the archers and your escort. Your escorts are to do nothing but watch you and to do what you tell them. Now you both are to go.” She told them.

A few minutes later, Carver was at the armory getting his armor, when he saw a fifteen year old boy. “Let me see your sword.” Carver told the boy.

The boy turned to Carver and gave him his sword. Carver slashed the air a few times then returned it to the boy. “What’s your name?” He asked him.

“Jormond sir.” The boy answered.

“You wield a good sword Jormond.” Carver told him. “Would you like to be the captain of Tora’s escort?” Carver asked Jormond.

Jormond smiled at the question. “Only a leader can do that.” He told Carver.

Carver smiled. “I’m one of the leaders now.” He told him. He then turned to the crowd assembled. “Everyone! I need you to be witnesses to this so everyone will know this.” He then turned back to Jormond. “Kneel.” Jormond kneeled “I, Carver, one of the leader of the forces here, hereby declare, you, Jormond, Captain of Tora’s escort.” He announced.

Everyone began clapping and cheering as Jormond got back up, smiling. “I will not let you or Tora down sir.” Jormond said.

Carver smiled. “Now go. Assemble your group.” He told Jormond. Jormond nodded and left.

“Carver. That was amazing.” A voice said from behind Carver.

Carver turned to see Jorith in his armor. “Thank you.” Carver told him.

“So, you’re staying here to fight?” The dwarf asked him.

“Yes. This is my fight as well. Only it’s a little more personal.” Carver answered him.

Tora ran in. “Is it true you just made one of the boy soldiers into the captain for my escort?” She asked him.

“Yes. I’m one of the leaders now. I might as well use the privileges I have, including making soldiers leaders.” Carver told her.

“He’s really excited about it.” Tora told him.

“I know.” Carver said.

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