The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Thirty Eight

Early the next morning, before the sun had risen, Everyone in the camp was running around. All of the women and children were being evacuated. The boys that were between fifteen and twenty years old were with Tora. The soldiers were with the leaders, who were getting on their horses. Carver was getting on his horse, when Lisa ran to him. “Good luck.” She told him.

Carver nodded and got on his horse. Carver then rode over to Tora, who was getting on a horse that was given to her by the Queen.

“Tora, do you know how many young boy soldiers are with you?” He asked her.

Tora looked at Jormond who had just appeared. “Six hundred.” He answered in Tora’s place.

Carver turned to Jormond. “You’re to take Tora to the archers. The leaders ordered her to be with the archers.” He told him. Jormond nodded and left.

Carver rejoined the leaders. “Are we ready to go?” He asked them.

The Green Grass Fox nodded his head yes. “Men, dwarves, and creatures, get ready to move out.” The Prince of Loran announced. The soldiers of the three kingdoms got into separate formations according to their kingdom. They then began following the leaders.

Tora and her group followed the archers at the end. As they were leaving, Tora was amazed at how fast the evacuation of all the women and children was for there was nothing left but the tents in the camp. She turned to Jormond. “Do you think we’ll survive?” She asked him.

Jormond turned to her. “Hopefully.” He answered.

At The Fire Fortress, soldiers were getting ready to move out. Up in The Fire Prince’s tower, The Fire Prince was with Demetrie. “Today is the day we wipe out the enemy and their prophecy.” He told Demetrie, as five soldiers were putting his armor on him. He then turned to Demetrie. “Have you been putting energy into the crystal?” He asked.

Demetrie nodded. “Yes your highness.” He told the Fire Prince.

The Fire Prince smiled. “Good. Now listen. You are to stay back with the second and third forces with me.” He told Demetrie.

At that moment, Scar Face came in. “Our forces are ready to attack outside. Also our scouts have spotted the enemies coming.” He reported to the two.

The Fire Prince and Demetrie went downstairs to their horses and got on them. They then rode out to the armies outside of the fortress. All of the armies were in formation. The two went to the far front were the cavalry was. A cavalry horse man pointed to the north. “Look your highness.” He told The Fire Prince. The Fire Prince and Demetrie turned to the north.

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