The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Four

Ten years later, Tora had grown into a lovely young girl. Her hair was pure blond that went down into her waist. Her eyes were blue. Her skin was pale. She lived with The Traveling Performers. She was a strange girl too. She was always honest. She also was very curious at times. Not to mention, she had pointed ears.

At this time, The Traveling Performers were heading to The Village of Loran, the only village next to The Castle of Loran.

Tora joined four other children. One of the children was a fifteen year old boy named Demetrie, who was deeply in love with Tora. The three other children were playing with the masks that some of The Traveling Performers would use for plays. Demetrie’s younger brother had a green mask that looked like a fox’s face. Tora thought she recognized it as a flash of a man wearing it happened to her. “What’s that?” She asked.

Demetrie took the mask and gave it to Tora. “That is a replica of the most famous robber’s mask: The Green Grass Fox.” He answered. Tora thought about the name. It sounded familiar, but she couldn’t remember where she had heard it before.

That night, Tora joined The Red Prince, Strong man, a man who was known for his strength, and Vagon. By this time, Vagon’s hair had begun turning grayish-black. “Tora. Why aren’t you with the other children?” Vagon asked.

“I wanted to ask you something.” Tora answered.

“Let us finish deciding the route to Loran.” He told her. “Now what is it you wanted to ask me?” Vagon asked her, five minutes later.

“I wanted to know about The Green Grass Fox.” Tora said.

The two men looked at Vagon. Vagon looked at Tora. “Why do you ask?” He asked.

Tora looked down. “I saw another child, Demetrie’s younger brother, with a mask that looked like a foxes face. And when I asked Demetrie about it, he said it was a replica of the mask The Green Grass Fox wore once.” She explained.

Vagon leaned back. “The Green Grass Fox was a man who would rob The Fire Prince.” He answered.

“Where does The Fire Prince live?” Tora interrupted, for she never heard of The Fire Prince’s home. Vagon and the Red Prince never allowed the Traveling Performers to go south of the kingdom.

Vagon frowned. "He lives at the southern boarder of The Fire Lands. He always wanted to capture The Green Grass Fox.” He answered.

“Did he succeed?” Tora asked.

“Yes. Warlock’s men, his Dark Killers, found him and his family. They killed his wife, but they failed to capture hiss child.” Vagon answered.

“Where is his child?” Tora asked.

“No one knows.” Vagon told her, looking at The Red Prince. The Red Prince nodded as if Vagon told him something top secret. Vagon turned to Tora. “Go to bed.” He told her. “Yes sir." Tora said.

As Tora entered Vagon’s and hers tent, she stumbled over a green chest. She looked at it. I never saw this before. She thought as she opened it. As she was opening it, she gasped. Inside was an exact copy of the mask Demetrie’s younger brother had, only older and more worn out. As Tora picked it up, a shock went through her. She then collapsed, unconscious.

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