The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Thirty Nine

Carver and all the other leaders appeared at the edge of the forest. As they were going down a trail that went from Loran and The Fire Lands, their armies appeared. Carver looked at The Fire Prince’s army. His eyes widened as he saw that it looked like The Fire Prince had doubled his army. He turned to the leaders. “The Fire Prince doubled his army I think.” He told them.

King Diniad took his axe from his back strap. “All the better.” He said.

Carver looked at The Queen for an explanation. “Dwarves are known to be fighters.” The Queen explained.

At The Fire Fortress, The Fire Prince took his sword out. “Cavalry! Charge!” He shouted. The five Black Riders lead the cavalry towards the boarder. The Fire Prince turned back to The Fire Fortress. “Release the Catapults!” He shouted. The soldiers inside the fortress began releasing giant rocks from the catapults at the boarder.

Carver and the leaders watch the rocks flying at them and the cavalry charging at them. The Queen drew her sword and pointed it to the sky. Birds, dragons, and griffins flew from the forest. The Dragons grabbed the larger rocks, while the griffins and the birds grabbed the smaller rocks. They then flew at the cavalry.

As the cavalry were riding in chaos they were also trying to avoid the rocks that the flying creatures were throwing at them. At their lead were the five Black Riders. The Black Rider Leader didn’t have his hood like the other four. His head was covered by a spiky helmet. There were eye holes for the part where his eyes were suppose to be. “Keep moving in.” He ordered the cavalry.

The leaders watched their flyers fly away except for the dragons, which kept grabbing the rocks and dropping them on the cavalry. The rest of the leaders drew their swords out and charged at the cavalry, except for the archers and Tora’s forces. Their armies followed them. All of their swords and spears were out. The cavalry did not hesitate to move in. “Spears at the ready.” The Prince of Loran ordered.

Spears were lowered towards the cavalry as they were running. Carver turned his head towards the forest and saw the entire army leaving the forest. He turned back towards the front of him and saw the leading Black Riders. Soon they collided together. Carver began fighting The Black Riders.

From the border line, Tora joined the archers. She gasped when she saw The Fire Prince’s armies. She then saw the three kingdoms fighting the cavalry. Tora looked out at the sky and saw the dragons grabbing the rocks and sending them off in different directions. She looked for the place where the rocks were coming from and saw that they were coming from the fortress. “Dragons!” She shouted, not knowing if they could hear her. “Fly towards the fortress!” The dragons looked at her and then flew off towards the fortress.

At The Fire Fortress, The Fire Soldiers began running from the catapults, as the dragons burned the catapults. As the soldiers began running for the gates, they were blocked by three dragons. The rest of the dragons flew off back to the forest.

Back at the battle, Carver was still fighting The Black Riders. The Black Riders made a circle around him. Carver noticed that there were two on his left and two on his right. “This will be hard.” Carver told himself.

Before he could make up a plan, The Black Rider Leader stabbed Carver’s horse in the chest. Carver jumped off, as his horse collapsed. He grabbed his sword from right next to him and turned towards each of The Black Riders. All five raised their blades. “You will die.” The Black Rider Leader said.

Suddenly a dwarf appeared and hacked two of The Black Rider’s heads off with his axe. Two of the other Black Riders fell down with arrows in their chests. Carver looked behind him. It was an elf. The dwarf helped him up. It was Jorith. Carver went up to the elf. It was Nectar. “Thanks.”

The three turned to the last Black Rider. It was the leader. “Two children and a dwarf? This should be easy.” The Black Rider said, laughing.

Nectar took two arrows out and shot him in the chest with them. The Black Rider grabbed his chest. Jorith threw his ax and it cut The Black Rider’s legs. The Black Rider fell down. Carver then ran up to The Black Rider and cut his head off.

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