The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Forty

The Fire Prince turned to the thirteen lords behind him. “Move in with the first force.” He told them. They nodded to him and led five thousand soldiers and The Dark Killers.

Carver, Jorith, and Nectar turned towards the army coming at them. Carver then turned towards to all the forces he was help leading. “I need men to come with me.” He told them, before leaving. Jorith, Nectar, and five hundred men followed him. Nectar began shooting down the soldiers coming towards them. “Any spear carriers here are to point their spears at the enemy.” Carver told them. Twenty spears were lowered down at the enemy.

As they went right into The Fire Forces, the spear men were stabbing soldiers down, while Carver and the rest of his group, except for Nectar, who was shooting more of them, began hacking and slashing others. The thirteen lords began panicking as they saw their force being taken down. While they were doing this, Nectar shot them down.

The Fire Prince and Demetrie turned to each other and nodded. They then began moving towards the battle. Carver saw them coming. He realized they wouldn’t stand a chance against The Fire Prince and Demetrie. His group and the three kingdom’s armies were tired. Carver ran to Nectar, and took her horn and blew into it. “Retreat!” He shouted to his men, after giving it back to Nectar. Nectar continued blowing the horn, while his entire group began running away, two men dragging Jorith away.

The Green Grass Fox saw them coming with The Fire Prince and his armies coming behind them. “Every one, retreat!” He shouted.

At the boarder line, Tora saw the three kingdoms running towards the boarders. “Archers fire!” She shouted. The archers began shooting down, Fire Soldiers, Dark Killers, and Zurons. As more and more of the three kingdom’s armies ran past her, She saw Carver running at the very end, with Demetrie right behind him.

As Carver was running, he heard a horseman coming behind him. He turned to see Demetrie coming. Demetrie jumped off his horse and began attacking him. As the two were fighting, Demetrie kicked Carver’s legs out from underneath him. Demetrie walked up to Carver. “You fought for Tora and failed. I will enjoy breaking her heart.” Carver looked at him. “That’s right. Tora loves you.” Demetrie said. He then sent his red blade right through Carver’s stomach, killing him.

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